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Blade Diameter: 250 mm Power: 1300 W
Max cutting height: 80 mm
Arbor size: 20 mm Weight: 85 kg
Blade Tilt: 90-45° Working height: 850 mm
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The Inca Supermaster table saw was the slightly larger and extended version of the Inca Master. It is essentially the same machine, but with the extension rails and longer and more sophisticated fence of the Inca Professional.

A sliding table attachment and a mortising table were available as options.

The extension rails were standard, and made it so you could extend the actual table surface yourself by putting in material between the rails. This means the useable surface was much larger than the official table dimensions suggest.



What we don't like

What we like

  • Wide useable table surface
  • High build quality and accuracy
  • Sliding table available

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  1. I purchased a master 341.037 and it has a very small unstable rip fence with it, which I can’t trust. I would like to replace it with a better fence. Any suggestions on a replacement? The one I have must be moved and set by 2 screw knobs on either end and you have to measure and re- measure a few times to get the fence parallel to the blade. Very frustrating. Will an aftermarket fence work on the rails, or would I even be able to mount one?

    Harry Colgrove
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    • Hi Harry, that seems quite annoying indeed. I assume that is not the original fence? As to aftermarket fences, most of them come with special rails supplied. It is unlikely that they will fit the existing rails of the Inca (but you might be lucky).

      So you would have to remove the existing rails, and replace them with the new ones that come with the aftermarket fence.

  2. Hello. I have the Inca Supermaster and cannot get the blade parallel with the miter slot. Any suggestions?

    Steve Alvarez
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    • Hi Steve, I don’t know exactly about the Supermaster, but on the Universal and Major, there are 4 hex bolts that connect the table top with the tilting mechanism. If you loosen those bolts, you can move the table every so slightly to bring it into parallel with the blade.

      An alternative reason could be a bent arbor, in which case it would be difficult if not impossible to align the blade with the miter slot. But the first explanation is more likely.

      Hope that helps. Rob


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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Inca Supermaster 341.037

Working height850 mm
Weight (standard configuration)85 kg
Total height1200 mm
Total width1315 mm
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Extra Features and Options
Sliding tableOption
Mortising tableOption
Table Saw
Maximum Cutting Height80 mm
Table Dimensions570 x 665 mm
Saw blade
Saw Blade Diameter250 mm
Arbor diameter20 mm

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