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  • DeWalt DW3501 DW3401 Bandsaw

    DeWalt DW3501

  • DeWalt DW3501 DW3401 Bandsaw Drawing
  • DeWalt DW3501 DW3401 Bandsaw Safety Key

    Using the safety key

  • DeWalt DW3501 DW3401 Bandsaw Plastic Wheels

    An example of the plastic wheels

  • DeWalt DW3501 DW3401 Bandsaw Motor Specs
Power: 760 W Max cutting height: 155 mm
Max cutting width: 310 mm
Wheel Diameter: 320 mm Blade length: 2095 mm
Blade width: 16 mm
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Machine overview

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The DeWalt DW3401 and DW3501 bandsaws were small, but capable hobbyist machines, with one of their unique features being their variable speeds. This helps with cutting plastics and some other materials.

They were sold in both a 3-phase and single-phase version, which had a 3 at the end of their type number instead of a 1 (3403 and 3503 instead of 3401 and 3501). It was also sold under the ELU brand, with the same type numbers.

Variable speeds

The only difference between the 3401 and 3501 is that the 3401 has two speeds, while the 3501 can be set to a variable speed anywhere in between the two maximum settings. The slow speed (330 RPM) is used for cutting plastics, while the high speed (800 RPM) is used for cutting timber.

Most other vintage bandsaws in this category, like the Inca Euro 260, or the Kity 613, lack the ability to set the rotation speed. This sets the DeWalt apart and makes it much more suitable than its alternatives for cutting materials that require slow speeds (like certain metals and plastics).

Switch-on Safety Key

Another interesting feature of these saws is the switch-on safety key, without which the motor cannot be started. I haven’t really seen it on any other bandsaw before. It may be helpful to people who don’t want their kids accidentally starting their machines.

Tip: The downside is that if you lose the key, you can’t start the machine anymore. There is still someone selling replacement keys on eBay, in case you lost yours.

Plastic vs Cast alloy wheels

Throughout its production there seem to have been two versions, one with closed plastic wheels, and one with spoked cast alloy wheels. The metal wheels are considered to be of noticeably better quality, so this might be something to take into account on when you’re looking at a used machine.

Replacement Tires: If you need to replace the rubber tires on the wheels, you can find some replacement urethane tires on eBay. They seem to ship globally.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Solid, affordable hobbyist bandsaw. Particularly interesting thanks to its ability to set multiple speeds.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Plastic wheels don’t work as well as the metal ones
  • If you lose or break the safety key you can’t use the machine

What we like

  • Solid build quality
  • Variable speeds helps with cutting specific materials
  • Affordable

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  1. You might also add that the ribbed aluminium table is prone to warping & the tensioning bolt strips it’s threads. Even so it’s a good little machine.

    1 person found this helpful
    • Thank for mentioning this, that’s important info to know for prospective buyers.

    • Just picked up second hand one tensioner is striped .

  2. Dewalt DW3501
    Do the plastic wheels need tyres? I have just bought one and the blade is running directly on the wheels.
    If so where can I buy some from in the UK please?

    • My saw is over 15yrs old. The blades are running off because of wear and tear to rims can I replace the wheel coverings

      Mr Mann
  3. I picked up one recently in excellent condition. It was manufactured in Italy in 1993. The guy I bought it from still had the original invoice and manual as well as spare side blade guides. I put new urethane tires (sourced in the US) on the wheels, replaced the top and bottom rear blade guide bearings and fitted a new 12m x 4TPI blade. Now runs as good as the day it was made. Great little machine.

  4. I don’t think I’ve watched a video before that simultaneously sent me to sleep and gave me motion sickness

    g stevens

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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the DeWalt DW 3401 & DW 3501 Bandsaw

Weight (standard configuration)23 kg
Total height970 mm
Total width460 mm
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Motor Frequency50 Hz
Extra Features and Options
Machine Stand (DA 880)Option
Mitre Fence (DA 860)Option
Cut-length Gauge (DA 862)Option
Band Saw
Maximum Cutting Height155 mm
Maximum Cutting Width310 mm
Band Saw blade
Blade length2095 mm
Blade width16 mm

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