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  • DeWalt DW125 Radial Arm Saw
  • DeWalt DW125 Radial Arm Saw Brochure Image
  • DeWalt DW125 Radial Arm Saw Miter Cut
  • DeWalt DW125 Radial Arm Saw Router Attachment
  • DeWalt DW125 Radial Arm Saw Miter Cut Illustration
  • DeWalt DW125 Radial Arm Saw Rip Cut

    Bevelled rip cut

Blade Diameter: 254 mm Power: 1250 W
Max cutting height (90°): 80 mm Max crosscut depth: 415 mm
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Machine overview

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The DeWalt DW125 Powershop Radial Arm Saw is a classic radial arm saw that is still popular on the second hand market. DeWalt stopped making them in 1988.

Multifunctional Machine

DeWalt DW125 Radial Arm Saw Miter Cut Illustration

Raymond DeWalt is the original inventor of the radial arm saw, but while his original saw could only do crosscuts and miter cuts, this DW125 could do a whole lot more.

Rip cuts

DeWalt DW125 Radial Arm Saw Rip Cut
Bevelled rip cut

It is possible to turn the blade 90 degrees and put it in a fixed position, so that it works like an upside down table saw. This allows you to make rip cuts and even bevelled rip cuts, but it definitely doesn’t feel safe by today’s standards. Be sure to only use this when you know what you’re doing and all safety features are present.

Mount a Router

DeWalt DW125 Radial Arm Saw Router Attachment

Another feature is that you could mount a router and use it as an upside down router table, or just as a sort of milling machine where you pull the router through the wood from above. This can come in surprisingly handy, but again you need to know what you’re doing because it’s not an everyday task.

Drill, sanding, disc, and shaper attachments

Some other attachments included a drill, which functioned among other things as a mortiser, and a sanding attachment. There was also a shaper head, which works like an upside down shaper / spindle moulder.

Safety features

Most versions I have seen on the second hand market do not have any of these attachments and just have a normal saw blade. Quite a few of the DW125s that I’ve seen lacked the riving knife and blade guard. This is something to note, because they are quite essential safety features.

Although it has all the extra potential features, the DW125 is a very interesting saw without them anyway. It is very cheap compared to new miter saws of the same size, and because it was built to a high standard, it will work just as well.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Great machine if you know how to use it, very well built and versatile.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Not all operations are considered safe
  • Not for beginners
  • Often the blade guard and/or riving knife is missing

What we like

  • Extremely versatile machine
  • Affordable compared to new saws
  • Large crosscut depth
  • Useful attachments


Ask questions or share your experiences with the DeWalt DW125 Radial Arm Saw with others

  1. My DW125 was workig perfect,then the next day started tripping the electric. Off would. There be a reason for this , i have byepassed the switch to see if that was the problem,but still doing it any info would be appreciated

    • If you have bypassed the switch it could be the motor capacitor.

  2. Hi All
    I am speaking to you all from Adelaide in South Australia.
    I have had a DW 125 for over 30 years but unfortunately the motor has just burned out,(beyond repair) and I can’t seem to be able to find a replacement. I know you are in the USA but if you could possibly point me to anyone with spare parts or if you have any Australian contacts. I would very much love to repair this great Saw.
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Denis Beckett
    • Hi Dennis – like you I live In Adelaide – many years ago I bought one with a burnt out motor in a garage sale –
      I had the motor re wound and was as good as new after

  3. Hello my fellow 1251 owners, I’m in the uk but hope you can still help, I had my saw set up then had to move shops so was in storage for a long time, I’ve now got a new shop and have set up the saw but it isn’t working, I bypassed the switch and hit the motor, (I know a bit harsh) and she fired up, rewired the switch and again she isn’t working, any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance Adam

    Adam Bloomfield
    • What do you mean “hit the motor”? Did you strike it with a hammer? Spin the blade with your fingers to start it? If so it could be a faulty capacitor. Otherwise, if it runs with the switch out of circuit, but won’t run when you wire the switch into the circuit, sounds to me like a faulty switch.

      Mike K
  4. My does anyone know if the Dewalt DW125 has carbon brushes as mine suddenly stopped when I switched it on.This as been a excellent machine,have used it for nearly 40 years,so would be grateful for any advice

    G mulligan
    • No, this is an induction motor, no brushes!

      Mike K
    • Hi I have the same question it sounds silly but I can’t find any brushes which are normally changed from each side of the motor and have started taking the motor to pieces. Please let me know if you get any information

      Bill Maughan
  5. Hi. I’m currently rebuilding a DW 125. I am trying to remove the top height adjustment crank. I have watch the German U-tube clip and I can see he uses wedges. What I can’t tell is if there is a retaining screw or pin holding it in palace. Any help?

  6. Hi does anyone know yolk bearin number on dw 125 radial arm saw please

    • SKF
      £4.00 postage NDD Cat. pt no 19
      my replacement arrived today
      Note they have an ofset on the assembly

  7. I’ve had mine for 40 years. it’s an excellent machine and very well built. I used it professionally for 30 of those years. The build quality is something you hardly see any more – excellent. I’ve replaced the table a few times , obviously. Last year the rubber suction hose adapter fell off and I discovered it had perished. Other than that it’s just as good as the day I bought it: 4th September 1981. We can get better blades these days though …
    Very dangerous for ripping if not set carefully – DON’T STAND BEHIND THE INFEED SIDE – YOU COULD FIND YOUR HEART ON THE WALL BEHIND YOU!!

    • Hi BigDog That happened to me when I was younger and foolish.
      Got the DW 125 from a fellow selling his tools from a joinery business.
      Got it into my little shed, left the door wide open to accommodate long pieces of timber and decided to give the rip function a spin…before reading the manual.. I remember standing to one side (sheer luck) fed the timber into the blade and heard the ‘BANG’ whoosh, and felt something whizz past me face.
      I searched the garden and even looked over the fence to see if I’d impaled any cats or foxes two streets away. The wood was gone forever.
      So a valuable lesson in keeping yourself intact:
      cross-cuts only

  8. Hi, does anyone know the weight of this machine without the stand please? (it seems to be a secret…).
    if anyone knows, I promise I won’t tell, and thenks in advance.

  9. My DW125 trips the breaker every time I turn it on. Can any one advise me where I can get a new motor?
    It would be wonderful if it was posssible. Thanks

    Fred Buckingham
  10. Hi does any one know the table sizes for the dw125 made in Italy it has an extra peice?

    Michael hince

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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the DeWalt DW125 Radial Arm Saw

Total height600 mm
Total width520 mm
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Cutting Capacity
Max cutting height (90°): 80 mm
Max crosscut depth: 415 mm
Saw blade
Blade Diameter:254 mm

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