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  • DeWalt DW733S Jointer Planer
  • DeWalt DW733S Planer Thicknesser
Jointing width: 260 mm Power: 1600 W
Max jointing depth: 3 mm Tables length: 1050 mm
Type of Cutters: Two standard blades Fence Tilt: 90 - 45 °
Planer width: 250 mm Power: 1600 W
Max depth of cut: 6 mm Table length: 500 mm
Max workpiece height: 160 mm Feed rate(s): 5 or 7m/min
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The DeWalt DW733S is a jointer planer combo (planer thicknesser) made by DeWalt until 1999. It’s the successor of the DW50 and DW1150, and is largely the same, but painted yellow instead of green. It was succeeded by the modern D27300.

It should not be confused with the DW733, which is a modern benchtop planer also made by DeWalt.

The main improvement over the older DW1150 seems to be a better dust hood, which helps with dust extraction, which was the main problem with the DW50 and DW1150.

Cast Alloy Body

Just like the DW50 and DW1150, the body is made from a heavy cast alloy, which makes it heavier and sturdier than similar machines like the Elektra Beckum HC260. This also meant it couldn’t really break easily, so most vintage machines I’ve seen are still in good shape.

Folding Tables

The tables of the DW733S fold upwards, and lock in place with a spring to prevent falling down and smashing your fingers. This not only allows you switch quickly between jointing and planing, but it also means you don’t lose your table’s settings and keep your jointing table accurate.

There is also an optional mortising attachment that can be mounted on the side.

Replacement Blades: Blades for the DW1150 and DW50 might also fit the DW733S. You can find some here on eBay.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Jointer planer with better build quality than most other machines from this era.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Motor on the side takes up more floor space

What we like

  • Made from cast alloy, so very heavy and stable
  • Great build quality
  • Motor on the side, so can be stored under a workbench
  • Folding tables make switching between modes easy
  • Two speeds for planing
  • Better dust collection than the older DW1150

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Ask questions or share your experiences with the DeWalt DW733S Jointer Planer with others

  1. Great to see someone giving a bit more info on this machine. I’ve had one for several years now and am considering changing it out or replacing the blades with a helix cutter. Has anyone managed this?
    The tables are a bit fiddly to set level, has anyone found a genius way of levelling them?
    Thanks for the info 👍

    1 person found this helpful
    • Hi Andrew, Sheartak makes a spiral cutterhead for the DW733s. It’s the only one I can find that’s specifically for this model, but there are other companies that could make one if you gave them the correct specifications I think.

  2. I bought a DW733 and need a manual.where can I get one?

  3. Was there a dust collection hood that I can connect to my dust extraction? If not available, some photos would be good so I could fab one up.

  4. Is it worth buying in 2022

    William Mcgrath
    • It’s still a great machine if you can get it for a good price. Functionality-wise there is not much difference with a brand new machine in 2022.

  5. Just bought one of these with missing fence and assembly. I can find the part numbers online, but everywhere is “out of stock”. Does anyone know where to locate this?

    Sigve Frafjord
    • Hi Sigve, from what I could find those parts are no longer available. If the parts-selling sites don’t have it anymore, it won’t come back in stock.

      Your best bet would be to find a defective DW733S and take the fence from that. Alternatively you could check if the fence from the DW1150 fits this one too, from the drawings it looks very similar. If that one would fit, it would make your search a little easier.

      Hope that helps.

  6. Hi Everyone
    Need help as done the most stupid thing. I unwired the motor to clean the motor outer shell. Took photos of the wiring so it should have been straight forward. But now discovered not specific enough! Aaagghh!!! Now can’t seem to get to start as I bet I have the wires in the wrong place. Could anyone take a more specific photo of the wiring or know of where I could find wiring plans. Thank you so much in advance. An embarrassed Michael.

    Michael Stewart
    • Noticed never did close this problem. Ended up taking it to a local tool repair. If I remember he charged me about £20 to fix my stupidity. Learned lesson about taking more detailed photos!!

    • Hi, I have the same problem as Michael had a couple of years ago. Any chance someone can let me have a photo of the wiring in the switch box. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Michael, do you still need any assistance? I have a 733s (in working order) in my wormshop and would be happy to help out. Cheers.

    • Dave, you are a star for replying. Would it be possible for you to take a photo of the internal electrics. See reason on my original post. Can send you my email address if you can’t post pics here. Thank you soo much. Michael/stuffys

    • Hey guys, I have this planer in working order, let me know what you’d need.

    • Thanks Rob for posting the reply. I have seen that page in the manual you mentioned. Agree, not much help. Will try and get sparkie to look at it. It was a long shot if someone owned this machine and could help.Worth a try though.

    • Hi Michael, that’s very unfortunate. There’s a little bit of info on the wiring in the official manual (page 15), but I’m not sure that’s of much help to you. You might be best off talking to a qualified electrician. Good luck!


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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the DeWalt DW733S Jointer Planer

Weight (standard configuration)63 kg
Total height530 mm
Total width650 mm
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Extra Features and Options
Mortising attachmentOption
Jointing width260 mm
Max depth of cut3 mm
Tables length1050 mm
Type of cuttersTwo standard blades
Fence tilt90 - 45°
Planer Width250 mm
Max depth of cut6 mm
Table length500 mm
Max workpiece height160 mm
Feed rate(s)5 or 7m/min

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