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  • Festool TKS 80 EBS Table Saw
  • Festool TKS 80 EBS SawStop

    Triggering the SawStop cartridge

  • Festool TKS 80 EBS Package
  • Festool TKS 80 EBS Mitre Gauge

    The mitre gauge doubles as a fence.

  • Festool TKS 80 EBS on Location
Blade Diameter: 254 mm Power: 2200 W
Max cutting height: 80 mm Max ripping width: 600 mm
Arbor size: 30 mm Weight: 37 kg
Blade Tilt: -2 / 47° Working height: 900 mm
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Machine overview

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The Festool TKS 80 EBS is the first table saw with SawStop technology released by Festool. It will be available for purchase starting from June 2020 in Europe.

Festool’s parent company bought SawStop in 2017, so it is surprising that it took them so long to include finger detection technology in their saws.

SawStop Finger Detection

It works by running a small current through the blade, and when it comes into contact with material that conduces electricity, like a finger, it will trigger the break.

The breaker stops the blade in 5 milliseconds, and also pulls it under the table. This is supposedly much faster than a car’s airbags.

Triggering the SawStop

This is a great technology that will save many fingers. However, the downside is that it destroys your sawblade and the cartridge. This means it can be quite expensive if you trigger the SawStop system often.

Cutting conductive materials

Because the SawStop system uses electricity to detect a finger, it also fires when it comes into contact with other conductive materials, like metals or wet wood. To avoid this, you can temporarily bypass the safety system.

Tip: You always disable this only for one time. So when the blade stops, it automatically turns back on the system again. This is great for safety, but it also means you cannot really cut many pieces of for example aluminium in a row. Festool even recommends getting a separate saw for those kinds of materials.

Based on the original CS 70

The design is based on the original CS 70, which has been quite a success over the past 20 years. This means you can expect the same kind of excellent engineering, flexibility and build quality.

Features and Extensions

In its base model, the TKS 80 EBS comes just with a mitre gauge, which also doubles as the fence. If you want a real, longer fence, you’ll have to buy it separately. It does come with dust hoses and connectors for both under and above the table, which makes it almost dust-free.

There are several useful accessories available, including table size extensions, a sliding table, and a better fence. They can also be bought in one set, called the Festool TKS 80 EBS-SET. Expect to pay a hefty 75% on top of the base model to get all the extra parts.

Unique machine

All in all, this is a revolutionary machine that will bring finger-saving technology to many workplaces in Europe. Because of the patents that SawStop holds, Festool is in a unique position where they can offer something the competition cannot. This results in a great product, but also in a high price. Then again, it is hard to put a price on some saved fingers.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Unique machine that combines Festool's quality with SawStop's safety, but quite expensive.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Expensive, especially the accessories
  • Not as sturdy as heavier saws
  • Both blade and cartridge need to be replaced
  • Not suitable for cutting many pieces of conductive material
  • Limited to one blade size (254mm)

What we like

  • SawStop finger detection technology
  • Precise
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Many useful accessories available
  • Great build quality


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  1. Great article. I am.debatung between this and the mafell Erika 70/85.
    My main concern is accuracy of cut using the various fences.
    Do you think the festool will be as accurate as the mafell? It is cheaper but I wonder if it’s worthy as a furniture saa

    • Hi, to be absolutely sure you would have to check reviews from actual users. But I think they will be equally accurate. Any inaccuracies they have are due to their form factor (portable saws), which is a problem for both the Mafell and Festool.

      I think they can definitely work as furniture saws, for example Jonas Winkler (video linked above) is a furniture maker who plans to use the Festool for Kumiko making. It doesn’t really get any more detailed and fine that that.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Nothing is more accurate than a MAfell. I have my Mafell for 20+ years and it still holds true. I will upgrade to the new Erika . and send back to Germany my old MaFELL.
    The saw that Festool is marketing is an acquisition.

    len matz
  3. I need to buy

    Luis Baxcajay
  4. Will you ship to united states


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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Festool TKS 80 EBS Table Saw

Working height900 mm
Weight (standard configuration)37 kg
Motor Voltage1x 230V
Extra Features and Options
Dust extraction hosesOption
Workpiece holderOption
Saw Blade (40 teeth)Option
Mitre GaugeOption
Table Saw
Maximum Cutting Height80 mm
Maximum Ripping Width600 mm
Table Dimensions720 x 850 mm
Saw blade
Saw Blade Diameter254 mm
Tilt-2 / 47°
Arbor diameter30 mm

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