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Jointing width: 260 mm Power: 1500 W
Max jointing depth: 3 mm Tables length: 800 mm
Fence Tilt: 90-45 °
Fence length: 650 mm Working height: 820 mm
Planer width: 250 mm Power: 1500 W
Max depth of cut: 5 mm Table length: 430 mm
Max workpiece height: 140 mm Feed rate(s): 5m/min
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Machine overview

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The Scheppach HM 2 Kombi jointer planer is a sturdy machine with at least 8 available extensions. It is the successor of the Scheppach HM 1. The HM0 Solo jointer planer is the same machine, but without any extensions available.

The HM1 and HM2 are sturdy machines that will last a long time, and can therefore be found often on the second-hand market. They are made of mostly sheet metal (including the tables), making them less accurate and straight. It also makes them more susceptible to rust.

Many Extensions

What they lack in accuracy and refinement, they make up for in price and the large number of extensions. Among the possible extensions are a table sawspindle moulder, mortising table, belt sander and disc sander, grinding wheel and even a lathe and band saw. Most of these are interchangeable between the HM 1 and HM 2.

Despite their quality issues, they are often the first machine of choice for beginning woodworking enthusiasts and a decent machine to start learning how to operate a jointer planer. The HM 2 is slightly more refined and stable and therefore preferable to the HM 1.

Replacement Blades: If you’re looking for new blades for your Scheppach HM2, there are a few places still selling them. For example, here on Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, or here on eBay (slightly cheaper).

Machine Atlas Verdict

Sturdy, slightly unrefined machine with many extensions. Solid first machine for hobbyist woodworkers.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Not very sophisticated (mostly built from sheet metal)
  • Not as accurate as other machines in this price range
  • Susceptible to rust

What we like

  • Sturdy, built to last
  • Often cheaper than other vintage machines
  • Many accessories available

Resources and Guides

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Ask questions or share your experiences with the Scheppach HM2 Kombi Jointer Planer with others

  1. Can someone help me find an English written version of the Scheppach HM 1 manual please.

    • Hi Matt, I couldn’t find it for the HM1 either, but maybe you could check out the HM2 manual? That one is actually available in English and the machines are very similar.

  2. Hi,
    HM2- Kombi.
    How to change the motor belt..

    Rgds/ zaidi

  3. Where can i buy flat belt w 8mm L 340mm for HM2 Online

    They have to send to Iceland.

    Logi Helgason
    • Hi Logi, you can check with this German website to see if they want to send to Iceland. They do ship within the EU for sure, and they might send to Iceland as well. The page I linked to has the specific belt you’re looking for.

      Hope that helps.


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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Scheppach HM2 Kombi Jointer Planer

Working height820 mm
Weight (standard configuration)95 kg
Total height935 mm
Total width570 mm
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Motor Frequency50 Hz
Extra Features and Options
Table Saw Attachment KSE250Option
Mortising table LBE 16Option
Spindle moulder attachmentOption
Belt sander attachmentOption
Disc sander attachmentOption
Band saw attachmentOption
Grinding wheelOption
Jointing width260 mm
Max depth of cut3 mm
Tables length800 mm
Fence length650 mm
Fence tilt90-45°
Planer Width250 mm
Max depth of cut5 mm
Table length430 mm
Max workpiece height140 mm
Feed rate(s)5m/min

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