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No longer producing French company which focused on hobbyist machines. Also made some larger combination machines and panel saws. Still common in the second-hand market, and of decent quality. Was taken over by Scheppach in 2004.

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A Guide to Kity Woodworking Machines

Type of machine

Kity 819 Table Saw

Kity 1647 Jointer Planer

Kity 2638 Jointer Planer

Kity 2636 Jointer Planer

Kity 439 Jointer Planer

Kity 419 Table Saw

Kity 619 Table Saw

Kity 618 Table Saw

Kity 617 Table Saw

Kity 613 Band Saw

Kity 612 Band Saw

Kity 635 Jointer Planer