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Max cutting height: 140 mm
Table size: 350 x 350 mm
Wheel Diameter: 300 mm Blade length: 2120 mm
Blade width: 4-10 mm Working height: 390 mm
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The Kity 612 Band Saw is a solid band saw, which is relatively common on the second-hand market. Its main competitors are the Inca Euro 260 and its own successor, the Kity 613.




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  1. The switch on my handsaw has packed in, so bought a new switch, but original has a black extra wire…is this necessary and what and where?

    Jim Batterbee
    • I don’t own this saw, but I replaced the switch on my Inca bandsaw (which is from the same period I think). It also had an extra wire, which was earth/ground and was just attached to the machine base itself.

      Have an electrician take a look, they’ll be able to give you a definitive answer.

  2. hi
    an new here…
    considering buying a used Kity612 bandsaw… as a better alternative to the china made Einhell and Scheppach…
    what are the things to look for when i go over and check the machine ?

    Mike C
    • Hi Mike, a few things you could check for in a used band saw:

      A. Are all the parts there, and does it turn on?
      B. Are the tables flat?
      C. Are the wheels straight (if they are bent, you will never get a straight cut)?

      Things that don’t need to be perfect, because they can easily be replaced are the bearings for the guides (but make sure there are guides to begin with), and the sawblade itself.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hi

    Are there any parallel and angele supports out there as spare parts? i would like to have 1 of those for my Kity 612

    • Very very hard to find originals, the mitre slots are 15mm wide so if you could do what did and get some 15mm flat bar and retrofit a Picador 110 or 120 guide to suit, they’re fairly easy to find on eBay

      Alex T
  4. Buoungiornio avevo bisogno di reperire uno o due nastri per il legno per questo attrezzo, Kity 612, sapete dirmi il costo e dove posso acquistarlo? Grazie

  5. Just purchased a Kity 612, very cheap. However, it’s struggling to switch on. Not sure if it’s the actual switch or the starting capacitor. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • Hi Nick, if it’s making a buzzing noise when you switch it on, it’s probably the capacitor.

      You can try pushing the saw blade with a piece of wood while you switch on the machine. It should run fine once you help it over the initial inertia. If that doesn’t work, it’s likely a different problem.

      Hope that helps!


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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Kity 612 Band Saw

Working height390 mm
Weight (standard configuration)39 kg
Total height960 mm
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Band Saw
Maximum Cutting Height140 mm
Table size350 x 350 mm
Band Saw blade
Blade length2120 mm
Blade width4-10 mm

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