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  • Elektra Beckum HC260 Jointer Planer
  • Elektra Beckum HC260 Gears

    The gears

Jointing width: 260 mm Power: 2200 W
Max jointing depth: 3 mm Tables length: 1085 mm
Type of Cutters: 2 Knife Resharpenable or Replaceable Fence Tilt: 90-45 °
Working height: 845 mm
Planer width: 260 mm Power: 2200 W
Max depth of cut: 3 mm Table length: 400 mm
Max workpiece height: 160 mm Feed rate(s): 5m/min
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The Elektra Beckum HC 260 is one of the classic jointer-planer combinations, and its basic design can be seen in many currently available machines. Its spiritual successor is the Metabo HC 260, which replaced the original after Metabo took over Elektra Beckum in the early 2000s. Another machine that is extremely similar is the Record Power PT260.

Different Versions

There are several versions of the HC 260, which can be distinguished by the letter following the name: HC 260M, HC 260K, HC 260C. There are a few differences, which can impact the value and use quality.

The most important differences are whether the motor is mounted on the side or underneath, and whether the tables are made from cast aluminium or sheet steel.

Having the motor mounted underneath is better, because when using the machine you don’t have to make a big circle when walking around. The aluminium tables also tend to be sturdier and last better over time, although the sheet steel ones are fine if they are still in good condition.

The green versions tend to be a bit older than the blue ones, which come from after Elektra Beckum was bought by Metabo, which makes the blue ones more attractive.

Some machines have a closed stand (to limit the noise), while others are open. Some also come with wheels and a handle, which is quite useful because the machine can weigh up to 80kgs.

The power ranges quite a lot, from under 2000 Watt to 4200 Watt for certain 3-phase motors, making it a very powerful machine for home woodworkers. The motor is integrated and cannot easily be replaced.

Mortising Attachment

There is also a mortising attachment available. The downside of this attachment is that it weighs quite a lot an over time can warp your planer table. You could attach it only when you want to use the mortiser, but this is quite a lot of work and not practical.

Replacement Blades: Most newer machines use disposable blades, while the older ones have resharpenable ones. You can find replacement two-sided disposable blades at Amazon Germany, at Amazon UK, or at (slightly cheaper).

New resharpenable blades can be found at Amazon Germany, Amazon UK.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Solid, reliable machine. Good choice for hobbyist woodworkers.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Relatively high demand and therefore higher prices
  • Not all parts made of the best materials
  • Mortising attachment can warp the planer table

What we like

  • Solid build quality and good planing results
  • Mortising attachment
  • Many replacement parts still available
  • Widely available on the second-hand market


Ask questions or share your experiences with the Elektra Beckum HC 260 with others

  1. I own this machine myself — a green HC260K version with closed stand and wheels. Once set up properly it works fine. The only criticisms I have are on the table height adjustment which is not very smooth, and the location of the on-off switch is not very convenient when thickness planing. But if you can get it for a reasonable price I can recommend this machine.

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  2. Hi folks,
    I have a green HC 260 and I can’t get the rollers to feed the wood through. I’ve adjusted the rollers up, down, cleaned them, all to no avail. Both rollers are solid, I take it they are supposed to be like this ?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you

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    • Hi Carson, it could be an issue with the table rather than the rollers. Try cleaning the thickness table thoroughly, and then use paste wax or paraffin to make wood move smoothly over it.

      Sometimes the table can look clean, but even a little resistance can be enough to jam the rollers.

    • Thanks Rob for the quick response. A good polish and the feed is perfect, thanks for your help.

      Carson Hanna
  3. I have an EB 260 M. and a mortising accessory. Do you have any instructions on attaching and using this mortiser.

    david Evans
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    • Hi David, it’s been a while since I used it (I sold my mortising table, still have the EB260), so I’m not 100% sure if I remember it correctly.

      But you attach the mortising table to the thickness planing table. There are four holes in it that you put bolts through to attach the bars of the mortising table to.

      The mortising drill bit goes in the end of the cutterhead. You’ll have to remove the (usually yellow) cap and then I think you can put it in similarly to how you attach a drill bit to a drill press. Hope this helps.

    • David, it’s a long time ago that you posted your querie, but I have a copy of the instruction manual for the morticing accessory, if you are interested

      Johann Venter
    • Hi Johann, if you would like it, I could upload the copy to Machine Atlas itself, so that it would be accessible to anyone who comes to this page. Feel free to contact me through

  4. Thanks for your reply Rob, but alas at over 500euros, makes it an uneconomical repair.
    FFX have a Metabo 260 new for £669 inc vat.
    Only thing to think on will I use it enough to warrant spending that sort of money.
    At the moment i doubt it. So I will keep looking.

    R Thorogood
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  5. Hi, hope someone can help.
    I have the EB HC260 in blue. The machine says its a 2005, as that year is also on the Motor plate.
    The Motor had started to smoke, I checked & found the windings on the Moto had burnt to black.
    I have been trying to find a new motor but so far no joy.
    A bit miffed with this as the machine has been used so little.It has only had 3 sets of blades in its whole life!!!!
    I got it last year off a guy who had it from new. He even gave me the spare blades he had bought.
    So I’m after a motor, anyone help here. Many thanks.

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    • Hi Ray, sorry to hear about the burnt motor.

      I don’t know of anyone selling exact replacement motors, but I do know of one site selling a replacement for the Metabo HC 260. I do not know for sure whether it will fit on your particular Elektra Beckum version, but it just might.

      Alternatively you could either find a ‘donor’ machine, if you can find a cheap/incomplete one with a functional motor, or you could fit it with some other electro motor with similar specs. This would require some rewiring so electric knowledge is required, and you might have to drill some holes to fit that particular motor, but it could be an economical option.

      Hope that helps!

  6. Hi, I thought this may be of interest, cutter shaft bearing replacement on EB hc260

    Nick Walther
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    • Hi Nick, thanks for the tip, I’ve added the video to the page. Definitely very helpful for anyone who wants to replace the bearings.


  7. Hi chaps. I have had issues with setting the cutting height even across the width when operating the thicknesser. This results in the workpiece faces not being square to each other. Can anyone recommend a fix, I cant find anything specific in the manual.

    Guy Taylor
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    • Hi Guy, I assume the blades are level with the top tables? And they are only out of square with the thicknesser table? I’ve had the same problem.

      The solution is to remove the chain at the bottom of the machine that is moving the four rods up and down, then turn the rods of the side that is too high, until the thicknesser table is level with the blades. Then you can put the chain back on.

      This is a pretty annoying and tricky process, so you’ll have to check that the table is really accurate before you reassemble the chain, because you don’t want to be doing it twice.

      Hope that helps!

  8. Hi I have a HC260K with enclosed base. Any ideas where I can get new drive belts and the part number?

    • Hi Neil, this German company sells new drive belts for both the cutterhead and the thicknessing rollers: Scroll down below to see other variations of the belt (depending on your model).

      On this website you can find the exploded drawing and parts numbers.

      Hope that helps!

  9. Good day,
    I am looking for a company that can replace my blades and service my Elektra Beckum HC260 here in South Africa. I am situated in Polokeane and looking for a service/ repaire center. Please, an anyone direct me in the correct direction.
    Most appreciated Jimmy

    Jimmy Fyall
    • Hi jimmy. I service and repair these machines. Can call me on 082=891=2221

  10. Hi I have a problem with my Elektra 260 Machine, the table of the thicknesser has got a stainless steel sheet on the aluminium table. There has gone some pieces of wood in beween the aluminium and stainless, I want to clean but I can not figure out how to do it. Do you have advice.

    Marais Le Roux
    • Hi Marais, that’s unfortunate. Are the pieces of wood at the edge of the steel sheet? Or did they actually go underneath the sheet, making the table no longer flat? In the first case you might be able to get them out with a knife with a thin blade? In the second case I’m not sure, as I don’t know how the steel sheet is attached to the aluminium table.

  11. Hi guys I’m in jhb. I service and repair woodworking machines including these. If you need anything contact me

    • Any advice for the thickniesser belt that keeps getting kicked off ? Tried everything

      Ben van Staden
  12. I have just found a hc260 m for £150 is this a fair price and are there things i should be looking for before purchase

    • Hi David, £150 is a very fair price, cheap actually. Usually goes for more than double that (if in good condition) Things to check for are whether it’s complete (including top fence), whether the tables are flat, if the feed roller gears and belts are in decent condition. The last two can be replaced for not too much, but if the tables are bent, there’s no way to solve that.

      Still for £150, even with bent tables it’ll still be good value as just a thicknesser.

  13. Good afternoon
    Can someone who owns an HC260 with wheels please post some pictures of the wheels and retract mechanism? I need to modify my machine so that I can make it semi-portable. I hurt my back shifting it last week.

    Greig Dovey
    • Hi Greig, I’m not aware of any retract system on the HC260. My version has two wheels on one side, then a bar handle on the other side to lift the machine up. I think you could quite easily make this yourself by attaching two wheels to the one side (see also the image at the top of the page). Adding the handle bar would be a bit more work maybe.


  14. I have a problem with a green HC260. When using thickness set up the belt for the feed rollers comes off every time when the work piece reaches the outfeed roller. Anyone having an idea? I have changed to a new belt, cleaned the wheels but problem still exists.

    Per-Olov Bröms
    • Hi , I am having trouble with the belt on the feeder rollers coming off,any ideas

      Ross Mc Henry
    • Hi Per
      Sorry mate, your problem, flat infeed roller belt detaching when wood is fed in,has just started on my machine too.
      Very annoying as I have just started enjoying it after changing blades and servicing the machine.
      Sorry I have no solution, only sympathy!, if you find the solution please let me know!!!

      Dave Buckley
    • Hi I have the same problem I have a green EB when thicknessing my belt flys of I was told to meticulous clean the cogs and gears , did that no difference changed belts no change . Anyone got any ideas as to the cause ?

  15. Hello Rob
    Thanks for the response regarding the wheels.

    Greig Dovey
  16. Hello all,
    From Canada, looking at a E.B. HC 260 (WNC)? Mod.98 4002 ,Green 1989-on a online auction.
    -Has anyone replaced the cutter block with a Helical version?
    -Any idea what this may range in worth$?
    -Auction I know… not even sure if it powers up!
    -I own a Hammer A3-41 , does anyone have two planer thicknesser’s… like some of us may have two Bandsaws?

    Chris Stewart
    • Hi Chris, if you can get it for a low price it could be a fun machine to tinker with and upgrade with a helical head. There are some sellers on AliExpress (Livter I think) that sell spiral cutterheads for this machine, but I’ve not seen anyone actually successfully install one. So I wouldn’t expect it to be a simple upgrade…

      But if you’re looking at it just for using it in woodworking, I’d recommend sticking with the A3-41 which is a far superior machine. Having two machines I can only see the value in if you’re working with 2 people in the shop simultaneously.

      Hope that helps! Rob

  17. Need advice . My Electra bechum HC260 keeps Kicking of the the belt for the gear system so can’t use the tickenniser planner. By advice or help would be appreciated.

    Ben van Staden
  18. When I say solid, I mean no rubber on them.

  19. Hi everyone. I recently purchased an HC260M. When taking out the blades I realised the lock bar on the one side does not have “locater” pins, but the other side do. It is 2 small pins that fits into the 2 slots on the blades.
    Is this normal?

    The machine was used like this but
    it seems odd as the height adjustments will not work without something grabbing onto the blades.

    Thanks in advance.

  20. Hi everyone, I just purchased one of these and it works perfectly. it’s just the paint in certain parts is flaky so was wondering if anyone would know a paint match for it?

  21. I just got a second hand HC 260 4200 DNB.

    It’s lacking the flat belt driving the cutter. On the exploded drawing it is part 256. The spare part list says it is 547 mm. But it’s too short for my machine. I need a 638mm flat belt. Any idea how where to buy this?

    Any help is appreciated.

  22. Hi all, thank am hoping you can help.

    I have the HC260 in green. I push the machine fairly hard with hardwood and it performs really well for what it is.

    The table has been quite stiff and challenging to wind up (especially at 60mm and less – which is basically everything I use it for).

    Operating it today and the thicknesser table won’t go up or down. In fact, only one side goes up and down (at the turn handle side) and all others remain fixed which means the table dips to the one side.

    I have cleaned the spindle regularly and even before use today and have applied some inox but nothing helps.

    Can anyone tell me what the issue is and how I might go about fixing it.

    Thanks so much.

  23. I have a green EB 260E. The spread incert in the glide piece of the course roller, is missing. How do I get the roller out? Do I have to remove the whole side panel?

    Louw Uys
    • Hi Louw, I’m not entirely sure which part of the roller you’re looking to replace. But to replace the rollers entirely, you would have to remove the side panel indeed.

  24. The piece that turn the blades has broken. Its the piece that’s on the motors shaft. What material can n use?

    Ludi de Bruyn
    • Hi Ludi, Which piece do you mean exactly? The plastic gear? Maybe you can link to an image of which piece has broken?

  25. Hi. I have Elektra Beckum HC260M thicknesser. I replaced the drive belt as it had stretched to the extent that the drive would not rotate. I cant get a HC 260 belt but they gave me a Metabo drive belt. Have bought three Mrtabo flat belts as they are supposed to be the same machines and they all broke within an hour of use. Could you confirm the exact dimensions for the drive belt as I want to order from the manufacturers as I am of the opinion that the metabo belt is not the correct belt touse. The operating instructions say 168 * 3.2 *1.8. This does not make sense as the belt is approximately 555 in length. Please assist me Regards

    • Hi Kit,

      I’m not able to measure the length of the belt right now, but 168mm definitely does not seem like the correct length.

      The best place in Europe I found for (drive) belts for woodworking machines is Buchhaupt. If you click the link, you’ll get a page for the drive belt for the Elektra Beckum HC260M.

      I’m not sure if they ship to South Africa, but if you send them a message, they’ll be able to give you the exact dimensions of this belt.

      Hope that helps.

  26. Is there a service manual available to download for this model?

    Tom Gracie
  27. Hi there, I met someone over the weekend that brought all his tools from Germany when he moved to South Africa about 8 years ago. The big plastic gear broke and requires replacement. I’m trying to assist him to obtain this part as he lives 8 hours away from the city. Any advice on replacement part I would really appreciate. Thanks, Carl

    Carl Maarman
  28. I have an HC260 and bought it for a steal it works great however I have no Fence I’ve tried searching and cannot find a spare. Does anyone know if another model or make would fit. Thanks in advance

    Dan Cooke
    • Hi Dan, I’m 99% sure the fence from the Metabo HC260 (which is currently still for sale) also fits on the Elektra Beckum. But do double check if that holds for all EB models. Spare parts (including the fence) for the Metabo HC260 can be purchased on several sites, like

      Hope that helps!

  29. how much for a second hand machine and are they any good for small workshop

    • Hi Paul, prices depend on condition and location. But they tend to go from about 350 to 650. They’re perfect for small workshops (got one myself in a tiny workshop).

  30. My green HC260 thicknesser table adjustment mechanism has seized so that I can`t wind it up or down. I think that the problem may be a bent threaded rod but I am not sure. I can`t see a way to remove the rod. Any suggestions would be appreciated

    • Hi Philip, could you check if the thicknesser table itself is still level, or is it skewed in any direction?

      I remember this thread on UKWorkshop about a similar problem, perhaps you could find some answers there.

      Removing the rods is possible, but you’d have to take apart the entire machine to do it.

  31. I`ve answered my own question. It wasn`t a bent rod. The adjusting cogs underneath were out of sync and were twisting the thicknesser bed. By removing the chain underneath & adjusting the cogs so that the distance between the thicknesser table & the bottom plate so that it was the same distance at all 4 corners. Then reattaching the chain & reassembling top of the machine to the bottom I now have a thicknesser that works as it should.

  32. Hello good people, can anyone tell me I can get a replacement “chip ejection hood” from for my EB HC 260M machine, had a little mishap, not put in correctly, my machine is a 1998 model.

    Chris Cokayne
    • Hi Chris, are you talking about the attached hood, or the separate hood (where the vacuum hose attaches). You can buy both from this site. Parts number 174 and 178, not terribly expensive either. These are however for the Metabo version, but I think they might fit the Elektra Beckum too (but do double check).

      Alternatively you could consider a DIY solution like the one in this video:

      Hope that helps!

  33. Hi I’ve just acquired a HC260, with the mortice attachment, is there a video of how to use the machine as no handbook with it
    Thanks in advance

    paul cummins
    • Hi Paul, are you looking for a video specifically for the morticing attachment or the general machine? You can find some videos on the overall operation of the machine on this page.
      There are no videos on the mortice attachment, but I can tell you its basic functionality. You attach it to the thickness planing table (there are holes on both sides. You then screw it tight. The chuck goes on the side of the cutterhead (where there is the removable cap). Then you can clamp a workpiece on the mortice table, turn on the machine as you would when planing, and you can move the workpiece towards the chuck with the handles on the mortice table.

      Hope that helps!

  34. HI Rob. Plus all other Elecktra/Metabo HC260 owners.
    I posted just over a week ago about my motor burning out.
    I have tried to get a new motor without success, even tried Metabo direct who have informed me the motors are no longer available.
    I have rung several motor re wind specialists but a couple quoted in the £300 + region, another wanted me to take it in & charge me for looking at it, before pricing up the job….
    So the thing now is the Planer is now as good as rubbish.
    So I may well have a planer for sale for parts only. Everything was in vgc, including tables, screws, & fence, but not a lot of good without a motor.
    I am still trying to find something but not holding my breath.
    I feel rather peed that Metabo can’t supply or even offer an updated version to me in some way or other.
    It’s such a chuck away world now, & for all other owners one that doesn’t bode well if you have a motor fault.
    I have done some review reading for other Planers but unless you want to spend up to £1K anything less looks like you pays your money & take your chance.
    As I only use the machine for odd jobs or small projects I can’t justify spending well over £500 for the small amount of odd uses.
    By the way my machine was a 2005. In Blue.

    • Hi Ray, that’s unfortunate to hear. It’s definitely a downside of modern machines that the motors cannot be replaced. In contrast, Kity and Inca machines from the 70s and 80s had separate motors, so if they broke you could just replace it with any generic motor. So in that respect older machines were actually more sustainable.

      Good luck with the decision about the machine. If you could get it fixed for about 300GBP it might still be worth it, as (like you mentioned) it would be hard to find a new machine for under 500. Then again, if you’d buy new at least you’d have warranty.


    • Hi STEPHA
      Can you give me any info on the Motor?

    • Hi Ray
      a bit late but I’ve replaced my motor with another brand, same kw, frame and shaft size.
      Fitting was easy and running as new.
      Most of the electrical motor manufacturers will be able to supply a similar motor.


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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Elektra Beckum HC 260

Working height845 mm
Weight (standard configuration)65 kg
Total height410 mm
Total width540 mm
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Motor Frequency50 Hz
Extra Features and Options
Mortising AttachmentOption
Closed StandOption
Wheel and handle kitOption
Jointing width260 mm
Max depth of cut3 mm
Tables length1085 mm
Type of cutters2 Knife Resharpenable or Replaceable
Fence tilt90-45°
Planer Width260 mm
Max depth of cut3 mm
Table length400 mm
Max workpiece height160 mm
Feed rate(s)5m/min

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