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  • Inca Automatic Jointer Planer
  • Inca Automatic Jointer Planer

    Inca Automatic Jointer Planer

  • The motor on the side, as is the case with most American models

  • Inca Automatic Jointer Planer
  • Inca 550 Jointer Planer HQ
Jointing width: 260 mm Power: 1150 W
Max jointing depth: 3 mm Tables length: 800 mm
Type of Cutters: 2-blade standard cutterblock Fence Tilt: 45 °
Planer width: 260 mm Power: 1150 W
Max depth of cut: 3 mm Table length: 400 mm
Max workpiece height: 160 mm
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The Inca Automatic Jointer Planer 343.190 (US model 510 to 570) comes in two versions, one common to North America, which has the motor mounted on the side, and one version with the motor suspended underneath the table. The version with the motor on the side has a lever to set two feed rates (slow and fast).

This is an excellent vintage jointer-planer which is increasingly sought after, and therefore also increasing in price. Its build quality is unparalleled at this price level, with several moving parts being made from brass to make for smooth movement.

The only part that is quite prone to breakage are the cogs made from plastic. Some users have connected a separate motor to the feed system, which means less chance of breaking and manual control over the feed speed.

Cutterheads and planer blades

There are versions with standard cutterblocks (which use set-screws to set the height of the blades) and versions with a tersa cutterblock (which means you can quick-change the blades and only have to set them up once).

Replacement Blades: There are still a few places selling replacement blades for the Inca Automatic. For example on eBay (shipping worldwide), or Amazon.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Excellent vintage jointer planer. Very precise and made of high quality parts.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Can be relatively expensive due to increased demand
  • Misses good dust-collection (requires DIY solution)

What we like

  • High quality parts mean it will continue to work well for a long time
  • Excellent precision and clean planing results
  • Good size and power, sufficient for most home woodworker’s tasks
  • If needed, a stronger motor can be installed quite easily

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  1. I repaired one of these once, and I really liked the quality of the materials they used. Moving the table up and down goes quite smoothly because of the brass plates. The fence feels a bit flimsy though.

    1 person found this helpful
    • I just bought one and I agree. The fence is flimsy and enough of a distraction that it makes using it unsafe. I clipped the very tip of my finger trying to get it up and running. It only took 1/8″ of the tip so it should heal up normally – I was very lucky. But before continuing with it, I need to find a way to stiffen it up so I can press against the fence and focus on the important part – the blades. Also, this is my first time using a euro guard and I don’t think its safe either. You have to pull it to the side when doing edges which leaves the blades exposed. I’ve been using the spring loaded pork chop guards for 30 years without an issue, so this has been a very rough start with a machine that comes with some great reviews. I started with a push stick, but all it takes is a distraction or two for you to forget about that blade spinning at 30,000 rpm. Anyways – If you have any recommendations for stiffening up the fence, I would love to hear it. I’m picturing a clamp style screw bolted to the side of the outfeed table that can be adjusted to meet the back of the fence….

  2. Hi
    Please assist…
    My dad passed away recently and I inherited all his tools. One of them is an INCA thickness planer. I can send photos if it will help

    Can you help with a model number and from photos what is missing

    Or if you have a manual so I can see images of what is missing and how to operate the machine.

    It has a motor at the bottom which runs a pulley belt up to the planer…

    My apologies gies for not having more info but I can send you some more images if that would help.

    Also if I need some parts, if you are aware of a supplier in South Africa…

    Any help would be highly appreciated…

    Jihan Kilian
    • Hi Jihan, I’m sorry for your loss.

      Regarding the INCA, the 343.190 exists in two main versions: one with the motor on the side (as shown above), and also the motor below the table. So your machine is very likely the 343.190.

      To lower and raise the thicknessing table you use a handwheel. This handwheel is not attached to the machine, so it’s possible to lose it. You mount it on the hexagon-shaped pin on top, besides the jointing tables. You can also use another tool (hex wrench) to turn this.

      Hope that helps! If you need some more info, feel free to send me photos to

  3. OAnd to add to above comment, it looks like you can feed a piece of wood beneath the planning surface aswell that has a setting for thickness.. But I cant figure out how to move it up and down… It looks very simular to the picture of the 343.190, but the motor is at the bottom of the machine with a pully running up to the planer…

    Johan Kilian
  4. Hi Rob
    Thank very much. This helped a lot thus far. I will give it a go and if I get stuck I will mail you.

    Thanks again for your assistance. I have read on the internet that they stopped producing this machine in 1975…so its 2 years older than myself but apparantly still a great piece of machinery… 👍

    Johan Kilian
  5. I inherited an Inca jointer planer 343.190. I am now in need of finding it a new home. Do you have any recommendations? I live in Bucks County PA.

    Barb Brubaker
    • Hi Barb, if you’d like to make sure your inherited Inca goes to someone who appreciates its quality and will pay a fair price, I would suggest posting it to the Inca Owner’s Group. There’s a good chance there will be someone from your area who is interested.

      Hope that helps!

    • I’m interested how much

    • i am very interested in your machine if still for sale please call or text me john 7 one six three nine 7 three 7 one seven thank you

      john garverick
  6. I have been given an Inca planer jointer with the motor on the side, but the tables for making it a jointer are missing. I have the fence and guard, just not the tables. Does anybody have, or know where they can be had? I’m in Canada. Thank you

    • Ron, I have exactly the same issue and concern. I inherited an INCA jointer/planer, but it appears I’m missing the receiving table. I’m also looking for the user manual. Have you any new information since making your post on this site?

      Dana Kagno
  7. I recently picked up ones of these and this is great list of content! Thank you!

  8. I bought one second hand 343.190 lnca jonter planer. It works very well and i need its operating and service manuals ( in english) . would any one please send me this manuals files .i live in iran .

    Reza moshtaghi
  9. I have an Inca planer 343-190 that is would like to sale. The motor is underneath the table. There are two blades. It works well. What is a fair price for this?

    David Rider
  10. I live in Canada and have the side-mounted motor model. The drive belt to the thicknesser just broke (after decades), and I’m struggling to find a suitable replacement. Any suggestions?
    It’s a flat belt, roughly 1 cm wide by 66 long.

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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Inca Automatic Jointer Planer 343.190

Weight (standard configuration)35 kg
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Extra Features and Options
Extended TablesOption
Jointing width260 mm
Max depth of cut3 mm
Tables length800 mm
Type of cutters2-blade standard cutterblock
Fence tilt45°
Planer Width260 mm
Max depth of cut3 mm
Table length400 mm
Max workpiece height160 mm

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