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  • Inca Jointer 343.132
  • The thickness planing attachment

Jointing width: 220 mm Power: 750 W
Max jointing depth: 5 mm Tables length: 760 mm
Type of Cutters: Standard 2 Blade Cutterblock Fence Tilt: 45 °
Working height: 145 mm
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The Inca Jointer 343.132 (model 410 in North America) is a small but very durable and precise jointer. It has very few different parts, so they hardly ever break. Repairs are therefore quite easy, and the only thing that usually needs to be done is to replace the bearings.

The motor is suspended under the table with a pulley and belt, and can be easily replaced. The tables are made of cast aluminium. The outfeed table cannot be adjusted.

Thickness planing attachment

There is also a thickness planing attachment that is quite unique. It does not work with automatic feed rollers, and requires you to push the wood through yourself. The attachment goes on top of the machine instead of underneath it, using springs to keep the wood pushed down. This mechanism is less convenient, but the results are just as good as with an automatic feed system.

Two versions

There exist two versions, one with set screws in the cutterblock to fine-tune the height of the blades, and one version without such a system (making it much more work to get the blades aligned correctly). There is also a rare version with a rabbeting ledge.

Replacement Blades: For this smaller Inca Jointer new blades are a bit harder to find, but there are a few sellers from the UK to be found here on eBay.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Precise, reliable and affordable. One of the best machines for people with a limited budget.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Limited jointing width and relatively short tables
  • Manual throughput with the planing attachment

What we like

  • Usually very affordable and one of the cheapest second-hand jointer/planers
  • Thickness planing attachment available
  • Precise and reliable

Resources and Guides

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  1. I have refurbished a few of these machines. Usually the only thing that needs to be done is cleaning and replacing the bearings. Getting the bearings on and off can be a bit tricky. One way to put them back on is to put the arbor/cutterblock in the fridge and put the bearings in the oven for a little while — makes putting it together much easier.

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    • Do you have any pics of how the planner works on these or an English version of the manual? I found one that I think is complete, but don’t see how to set up the planner attachment.

    • Hi Douglas, you can find the manual, also in English, here. You can find an image of the planer attachment being used here.

      It simply slides on the table, secure it with some knobs, and then you have to manually pull/push the wood through. It’s laborious, but the results are just as good as with an automatic feed planer (at least when I used it).

  2. I recently acquired the 343.132, can someone please tell me the RPM – I can’t find it anywhere.

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  3. I am having an issue with the alignment of the tables not being coplaner. The infeed table tilts down toward the blade, resulting in a convex jointed surface. I’ve attempted to adjust the alignment by removing the jointer from it’s stand and adjusting the set screws on the infeed table, but have not managed to fix the issue. Any advice?

    • Hi, I’ve been trying to fix the exact same issue with this machine. It would appear that neither infeed nor outfeed table can be adjusted. A solution would be to remove the outfeed table, put a shim close to the cutter head on both sides of the surfaces of the base that the table rests on. When you bolt it back together the outfeed table will tilt slightly upwards, away from the cutter head. If you choose the right thickness shim (think piece of paper or tape) you might create the same angle on both tables making them coplanar again. 
The bolts on the infeed table only seem to regulates the force used to press the table against the base. It might very well be that it is exactly that force that, applied over time, has dented or worn out the surface on which the front end of the infeed table rests, making it tilt down.

  4. Can Tersa cutter heads be acquired for the 343.132?

    • Hi Jesse, I haven’t found any info on this so I don’t think the Tersa head exists for this specific model. But you could check the Inca Owner’s Group to be 100% sure. There is an aftermarket spiral cutter for it though, sold by Holbren.

      Hope that helps.

    • Thanks, Rob! You’ve got a great site going on here.

  5. I ended up buying a segmented cutter head for mine. Do you have any advice for removing the bearings?

    • Hi Jesse, the easiest way to remove the bearings is to use a bearing/pulley puller.

    • Thanks! I’m going to pick up a bearing puller and try that today.

  6. Where can I obtain a motor for the 343.132. Motor has packed in and I am not sure if it was the original motor for the machine.

  7. Hi Rob, I’m curious if you have information on the specific replacement bearings for the Inca 410 (343.132)? I downloaded the manual, but just see the original bearing part number in the exploded diagram, but not information on a known replacement. I just picked up one of these in pretty decent shape, but even hand turning the cutter head, you can hear the bearing noise. Would love to swap these while I’m cleaning it up. Thanks!

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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Inca Jointer 343.132

Working height145 mm
Weight (standard configuration)15 kg
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Extra Features and Options
Thickness planing add-onOption
Rabbeting LedgeOption
Jointing width220 mm
Max depth of cut5 mm
Tables length760 mm
Type of cuttersStandard 2 Blade Cutterblock
Fence tilt45°

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