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The jointer (surface planer in the UK and Australia) is used to flatten the face or side of a board. It is often used as a first step before bringing a board to its final dimensions. Jointers range from very small 6-inch ones to giant 16-inch industrial-grade machines. There are several types of cutterheads available, with the spiral or helical head cutters becoming more popular nowadays. These have several advantages over classic straight blades, which can be frustrating to set up accurately. Other things to look out for:

  • The design of the base (wedge-bed or parallelogram)
  • The rigidity of the fence (no flex)
  • Length of the tables (longer means better support and straighter boards)
  • Sufficient power (for dealing with hardwoods)

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DeWalt DW55 Jointer

Powermatic PJ1696 16-inch Jointer

Powermatic 1285 Helical Head Jointer

Powermatic 1285 Jointer

Powermatic PJ-882HH 8-inch Jointer

Powermatic PJ882 8-inch Jointer

Powermatic 60HH 8-inch Jointer

Powermatic 60C 8-inch Jointer

Powermatic 54HH 6-inch Jointer

Powermatic 54A 6-inch Jointer

JET JWJ-8HH Jointer

JET JWJ-8CS Jointer