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Spiral Cutterhead

Jointers and planers can be fitted with a spiral cutterhead. These have many separate carbide-tipped blades following a spiral form, instead of a blade across the entire length of the cutter block. There are multiple advantages to spiral cutters. Not only do they give somewhat better planing and jointing results, they are also more convenient to use. Because they are many separate blades, in case you damage one of them, you will only need to change one, instead of the entire blade. Each blade is attached with a screw and has four sharp sides. When the blade gets dull, you simply unscrew it and turn it 90 degrees.

Spiral Cutterhead

Aimed at

Powermatic PJ1696 16-inch Jointer

Powermatic 1285 Helical Head Jointer

Powermatic PJ-882HH 8-inch Jointer

Powermatic 60HH 8-inch Jointer

Powermatic 54HH 6-inch Jointer

JET JWJ-8HH Jointer

JET JJ-6HHDX Jointer


JET JWP 15B and 15BHH

JET JPT 410 Jointer Planer

JET JJP-12 and JPT 310

SCM Minimax CU 410 Elite