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Elektra Beckum

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Blade Diameter: 250 mm Power: 2500 W
Max cutting height: 80 mm
Arbor size: 30 mm Weight: 68 kg
Blade Tilt: 90-45° Working height: 850 mm
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The Elektra Beckum PK 250 table saw is a medium-sized table saw for the home woodworker. It takes its name (like many saws) from the largest saw blade it can fit (250mm). Some versions of the PK 250 have a closed metal sheet stand, others just metal legs.

There are a few machines similar to the PK 250: The PK 300, which is a larger, panel saw version, the PK 200, which is smaller, and the PKR 250, which has a scoring knife. The UK 330 is nearly identical to the PK 250, but has a special pull-push saw system.

To complicate things even further, there is also the PK 255, which is an updated version, and the PKF 255 V8, which is a more advanced panel saw version.


Several extensions are available, among which a table width and length extension, and a sliding table. The sliding table of the PK 250 is a vertical bar with bearings rolling on the top on the bottom. In contrast, the PK 200 sliding table is horizontal.

Replacement Saw Blades: If you’re looking for new blades for your PK 250, you’re lucky, because there are still many 250 mm, 30 mm arbor blades available today. For example, you can find blades that will fit the PK250 with the best user reviews on Amazon UK or Amazon Germany.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Decent table saw that can deliver good results when calibrated properly.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Not made from the highest quality materials (sheet metal)
  • Can be difficult to keep the mitre gauge and sliding table level and at 90 degrees

What we like

  • Many extensions available
  • Powerful and large enough for nearly any home woodworker’s task
  • Decent quality


Ask questions or share your experiences with the Elektra Beckum PK 250 with others

  1. Im a Brazilian retired engineer and now a home woodworker.
    In my workshop I have several machines made by ELEKTRA BECKUM and, during years of use, all of them are in perfect conditions, including a PK 250 table saw.
    I’m only regret not having bought the extensions of the saw.
    The brand is excellent

    Marco Aurélio R. Guimarães
    1 person found this helpful
    • I need a grid for elektra beckon pk250

      Parvesh Appalasami
  2. Hi, Blaine Osler here from South Africa. There is a very good PK250 for sale in my country. Could you please give me some sort of an idea the price range for this vintage type model. Does not have any extensions.

    Blaine Osler
    1 person found this helpful
    • Hi Blaine, prices could be quite different in SA, but here in the Netherlands, I would say between €250 and 350 without any extensions, sometimes slightly more.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Hi I wanna know de price

    Mahmoud Iddriss
  4. Hi, how do I raise the small scoring/scribing blade on my Electra Beckum PK 250?


    David Ricci
  5. How do you lubricate the ‘rise and fall’ of the blade mechanism?

  6. My machine has difficulty in starting. Some times fails to start after pressing switch. What is the problem.

  7. Difficulty starting? Probably the starting capacitor is worn out. Very inexpensive and easy to replace. You are looking for a white plastic cilinder with 2 wires on 1 end. Order a replacement with same rating. They just get old over time…

    Rob Busser
  8. Hi there, my machine has become difficult to raise and lower and when I do raise it slightly the blade moves to the left fouling the table, I have cleaned the threads on the mechanism.

    Aldo Gianchino
  9. Can someone post a photo or parts diagram of the underside of the fence locking mechanism? The parts connected to the big brass knob. Mine is missing bits or not original and not working.


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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Elektra Beckum PK 250

Working height850 mm
Weight (standard configuration)68 kg
Total height850 mm
Total width665 mm
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Motor Frequency50 Hz
Extra Features and Options
Sliding tableOption
Table extension (length)Option
Table extension (width)Option
Table Saw
Maximum Cutting Height80 mm
Table Dimensions760 x 665 mm
Saw blade
Saw Blade Diameter250 mm
Arbor diameter30 mm

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