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Sliding Table

A sliding table is a feature most often seen on panel saws and some larger table saws. Its main uses are easier crosscutting, getting a first straight edge on a rough board, and, if combined with an outrigger table, cutting sheet goods. Affordable sliding tables often run on ball bearings, while more expensive ones run on linear rails, which are smoother and make less noise.

Sliding Table Example

Aimed at

Axminster TS 250M Table Saw

Kity 819 Table Saw

Powermatic PM3000B Table Saw

Powermatic PM2000B Table Saw

SCM Minimax CU 410 Elite

SCM Minimax CU 300 Classic

SCM Minimax C 26 Genius

SCM Minimax Lab 300 Plus

SCM Minimax ST 4 Elite

SCM Minimax ST 3 Classic

SCM Minimax ST 1 Genius

SCM Minimax SC 4 Elite