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  • Ceramic Blade Guides

Power: 1300 W Max cutting height: 330 mm
Table size: 400 x 546 mm Max cutting width: 340 mm
Wheel Diameter: 355 mm Blade length: 2921 mm
Blade width: 3-19 mm Working height: 965 mm
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The Laguna 14|12 Bandsaw is one of the smallest and most affordable bandsaws made by Laguna. It runs on 110V and is aimed at small professional shops and home shops.

Excellent build quality

Although the 14|12 is more affordable than Laguna’s bigger, professional bandsaws, it is still a premium product. This can be seen from the build quality. The wheels are made from cast iron, as is the table, and it uses Laguna’s famous ceramic blade guides.

Ceramic blade guides

The blade guides can be set without any tools, and the fact that they are ceramic sets them apart from the competition. For example, on Hammer’s bandsaws you can also get ceramic blade guides but they are only available as an upgrade costing several hundred dollars.

Ceramic Blade Guides

Useful features

The 14|12 also has most features you would expect on a premium bandsaw. This include a quick release lever, which makes it easier to change blades and helps prolong the lifespan of your blades. It has a magnetic blade cover, optional work light, and windows for both blade tracking and blade tension.

Upgraded version

There is also an upgraded version of the 14|12, called the 14|BX, which has a foot pedal break, more powerful motor, and a frame made from a heavier type of steel.

Europe VS North America

Unlike most American premium woodworking brands, Laguna actually also sells their machines elsewhere. Because of shipping and import costs, they are priced a little higher in for example Europe than the US, making the slightly less attractive compared to the competition.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Excellent bandsaw for serious enthusiasts with good build quality and solid features for a reasonable price.

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What we don't like

  • No foot pedal break
  • Bottom ceramic guide can be tricky to adjust

What we like

  • Excellent build quality
  • Ceramic blade guides
  • Reasonable price
  • Windows for blade tracking and tension
  • Powerful for a 110V machine


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  1. November, 2022: 1412 Bandsaw.
    I have owned this saw for about a week. The videos were very helpful except for one aspect of putting the blade on. For some mysterious reason I cannot get the blade onto the lower wheel. I have maxed out the detention wheel; and detention lever is proper. I have done everything as shown in videos. ??

    ABC Cabinets
  2. I can definitely recommend this saw, it works great!

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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Laguna 14|12 14″ Bandsaw

Working height965 mm
Weight (standard configuration)117 kg
Total height1784 mm
Total width683 mm
Motor Voltage1 x 110V
Motor Frequency50 Hz
Extra Features and Options
Mobility KitOption
Work lightOption
Band Saw
Maximum Cutting Height330 mm
Maximum Cutting Width340 mm
Table size400 x 546 mm
Band Saw blade
Blade length2921 mm
Blade width3-19 mm

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