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  • Makita 2012 Planer Front View
  • Makita 2012 Planer Side View
  • Makita 2012 Planer Specs
Planer width: 304 mm Power: 1330 W
Max depth of cut: 2.5 mm Table length: 595 mm
Feed rate(s): 8m/min
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Machine overview

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The Makita 2012 Planer was a benchtop planer made before 2000. It was succeeded by the similarly named Makita 2012NB, which is still for sale today. The main difference between the older and newer version is that the old 2012 had a moving table, while the newer model has a moving cutterhead.

As they are completely different designs, there are no interchangeable parts between the two machines, and you should always double check when looking for parts whether they are for the old 2012 or the new 2012NB.

In terms of specs it is very similar to the new machine, with 12″ width capacity, and a weight of 24 kg. This is lighter than many modern benchtop planers, which are in the mid-30 kgs range.


The infeed and outfeed table could fold up for storage and transportation. It also has a depth of cut indicator, which is nearly identical to the one on the 2012NB version. This means it does not have any scales with it, and is supposed to be used to set a baseline height, after which you set the precise cutting depth with the scales on the handle on top.

There was also an optional metal stand that could be purchased with the planer.

Graph showing how deep you can cut depending on the stock’s width

Replacement Blades

There’s several shops that sell replacement blades. Some of them are interchangeable with the new 2012NB model. Do check that they are the right blades for your machine, as there may have been different variations that use different types of blades. I’ve listed some below:

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Less powerful than modern benchtop planers
  • Moving table might be less accurate than moving head on this type of planer

What we like

  • Good planing results
  • Good build quality
  • Light weight
  • More affordable than new planers

Resources and Guides

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  1. How much would this be worth, had one given to me and would like to sell but not get raked on the price.

  2. I have a used Makita 12″ planer Model 115V, used. Still works. How much is it worth?

  3. Does the 193036-7 dust collector hood fit this model?

  4. What dust collection hood would fit this 2012?

    Dustin Williams
  5. What size is the planer belt on a makita 2012


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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Makita 2012 Planer

Weight (standard configuration)24 kg
Total height430 mm
Total width438 mm
Motor Voltage1x 110V
Motor Frequency50-60 Hz
Extra Features and Options
Metal standOption
Planer Width304 mm
Max depth of cut2.5 mm
Table length595 mm
Feed rate(s)8m/min

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