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The planer (also called thickness planer) is a machine used to make two sides of a board parallel and flat. It is usually moved past the cutter head automatically by feed rollers that pull it through the machine.

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DeWalt DW733, DW734, and DW735 Planers: Differences and Upgrades Guide to JET Planers – How good is their innovative new design?

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Makita 2040 Planer

Jet 13″ Helical Style Benchtop Planer JWP-13BT

DeWalt DW735 Planer

DeWalt DW734 Planer

DeWalt DW733 Planer


JET JWP-208-1 20″ Planer

JET JWP 15B and 15BHH

Hammer A3 41D