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  • DeWalt DW734 Planer Thicknesser
  • Changing the planer blades

Planer width: 317 mm Power: 1800 W
Max depth of cut: 3 mm
Max workpiece height: 152 mm Feed rate(s): 8 m/min
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The DeWalt DW734 is a benchtop planer (also called lunchbox planer), and the successor of the DeWalt DW733. The main upgrade is that it has three disposable knives instead of two resharpenable ones. This leads to a slightly better cut quality.

Another advantage of the disposable knives is that they are two-sided, and that they automatically set in the correct position. Resharpenable blades are not always the same size and therefore always need to be manually adjusted, which can cost a lot of time. Replacement blades are however more expensive than resharpening.

Reduced snipe

One of the biggest downsides of lunchbox planers is that they tend to have a lot of snipe. DeWalt has tried to minimize this by making the infeed and outfeed table’s height adjustable. Also, they’ve added a clamp to force the cutterhead to stay into position.

The reduced snipe, combined with the three blades instead of the standard two, makes the DW734 a good planer for finishing, and it gets better looking results than most other lunchbox planers.

Dust collection

Although the dust collection has been improved over the DW733, it suffers from the same problem that wood chips can get stuck in the corner. This means you have to remove it all the bolts entirely and clean it regularly. This is probably why on the newer DW735, DeWalt chose to add an extra blower to spit out the wood chips.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Solid lunchbox planer with high quality planing results thanks to the three blades.

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What we don't like

  • Dust collection gets clogged over time
  • Loud motor (over 103 dB according to this review)

What we like

  • Disposable blades are two-sided and are always set up correctly (replacement blades do cost more than resharpening normal blades)
  • Powerful enough to deal with most woods
  • Wider capacity than most jointer planer alternatives
  • Most parts can be finely adjusted


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  1. Does anyone know the table height (surface that the wood rests upon) of the DW734?

  2. What do you torque the screws at that’s on the the holder that holds down the
    Blades? It’s for a 734

    Randy Bartholomew

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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the DeWalt DW734 Planer

Weight (standard configuration)37 kg
Total height445 mm
Total width310 mm
Motor Voltage1x 230V
Planer Width317 mm
Max depth of cut3 mm
Max workpiece height152 mm
Feed rate(s)8 m/min

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