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Jointing width: 300 mm Power: 2200 W
Max jointing depth: 3 mm Tables length: 1200 mm
Type of Cutters: Two standard knives Fence Tilt: 90-45 °
Working height: 850 mm
Planer width: 300 mm Power: 2200 W
Max depth of cut: 3 mm Table length: 500 mm
Max workpiece height: 165 mm Feed rate(s): 5m/min
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The Metabo ADH 1630 jointer planer is a machine from the Magnum-series, which is well known for its quality. In contrast to the other Magnum machines, and its slightly smaller predecessor (the ADH 1626), this machine was not made in Germany. It was built in the Lurem factory in France after Metabo acquired Lurem.

Some other advantages are the integrated stand, making it more stable, and a patented anti-kickback system.

From 2000 onwards, a very similar machine was also sold as the Elektra Beckum HC 300 and later as the Metabo HC 300, and another version as the Emco MH30. Emco and Elektra Beckum were both taken over around that time and Metabo started selling multiple identical machines under different brands.

A larger similar version of this machine is the Metabo ADH 310, which besides larger capacity also has a cast-iron jointer table, which the 1630 lacks.



What we don't like

  • Not made in the same place as the other Magnum series machines

What we like

  • Relatively large jointing width
  • Integrated stand

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  1. I have had this machine for over 17 years and it is still going strong. I am a retired cabinet maker and have put this machine through a lot of work but I can always rely on it.

    Grant Telfer

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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Metabo ADH 1630 Jointer Planer

Working height850 mm
Weight (standard configuration)85 kg
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Jointing width300 mm
Max depth of cut3 mm
Tables length1200 mm
Type of cuttersTwo standard knives
Fence tilt90-45°
Planer Width300 mm
Max depth of cut3 mm
Table length500 mm
Max workpiece height165 mm
Feed rate(s)5m/min

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