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Metabo is a German company which makes a wide range of tools, among which jobsite table saws and a jointer planer. They used to make larger stationary machines as well. Also produces higher-quality machines under their Mafell brand.

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Metabo TS 254 M Review — Excellent value for money New Metabo TS 254 M Table Saw announced

Type of machine

Metabo 5348D Table Saw

Metabo DH 330 Planer

Metabo TK 1066

Metabo TS 254 M Table Saw

Metabo TS 216

Metabo TS 254

Metabo UK 290

Metabo UK 333

Metabo HC 410 Jointer Planer

Metabo HC 300 Jointer Planer

Metabo HC 333 Jointer Planer

Metabo ADH 310 Jointer Planer