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  • Metabo TS 254 Table Saw
  • Metabo TS 254 Table Saw Wheel Set

    With the optional wheel set

  • Metabo TS 254 Table Saw Close Up
Blade Diameter: 254 mm Power: 2000 W
Max cutting height: 87 mm Max ripping width: 630 mm
Arbor size: 30 mm Weight: 33.4 kg
Blade Tilt: -1.5 - 46.5° Working height: 850 mm
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The Metabo TS 254 table saw is a relatively light-weight jobsite saw meant for the construction industry and basic home improvement. It is the larger brother of the Metabo TS 216.

All-round machine

The TS254 is an all-round decent machine, with no significant advantages or disadvantages when compared to similar machines like the Bosch GTS 10 J or DeWalt DWE7492. Its fence works well enough, locking into place in the front, and is quite accurate if well-adjusted.

Is it quite lightweight and can be moved around easily, especially with the optional wheel set. It is powerful enough for most tasks, with its 2000 Watt motor.

Broken height adjustment

One common problem by many users is that after some time the height adjustment mechanism breaks down. The blade and motor are moved up and down by a threaded rod. However, after some time the thread can get worn out, and it will no longer work.

According to Stephen from Suffolk Craftsmen, who made a video about this problem (see below), Metabo has replaced this on newer machines with a much thicker, ACME-style thread. If you want to check whether you have the new or the old type of thread, the old part number is 00668380. So if you have that listed, then you have the type of thread that might break. You might be able to get a replacement by contacting Metabo.

The original thread on the bottom, the new one on the top. Credit to Stephen from Suffolk Craftsmen.
Machine Atlas Verdict

All-round decent machine that has no clear strengths or weaknesses. Do make sure you get one with the improved height adjustment.

Value for money




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What we don't like

  • Height mechanism breaks often (reported by many users)
  • Table scratches easily
  • No dado stack possible, and no zero-clearance inserts

What we like

  • Fence quite accurate
  • Easy to move around
  • Powerful motor


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  1. Need to align saw blade to the tracks, mine is misaligned at the rear And causes cutting marks
    Where are the adjusting bolts/screws to adjust complete housing underneath the table top?

    Lemmer Jacobs
    2 people found this helpful
    • There are two screws (10mm) on the right side of the machine. Rubber hammer needed to un win the weight while setting the alignement.
      Sorry for my poor English.

  2. kun je en toevoegen aan prijsvergelijk

    1 person found this helpful
    • Heb op een reactie geplaatst. (In het kort: Amazon heeft bepaalde eisen om prijzen op te mogen halen, en ik voldoe daar nog niet aan voor UK en DE, alleen voor .com)


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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Metabo TS 254

Working height850 mm
Weight (standard configuration)33.4 kg
Total height355 mm
Total width750 mm
Motor Voltage1x 230V
Table Saw
Maximum Cutting Height87 mm
Maximum Ripping Width630 mm
Table Dimensions970 x 995 mm
Saw blade
Saw Blade Diameter254 mm
Tilt-1.5 - 46.5°
Arbor diameter30 mm

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