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£181.21199.9 €

  • LIDL Parkside Bandsaw
  • LIDL Parkside Bandsaw In Use
  • LIDL Parkside Bandsaw Motor
  • LIDL Parkside Bandsaw Side View
Power: 350 W Max cutting height: 80 mm
Table size: 300 x 300 mm Max cutting width: 200 mm
Wheel Diameter: 200 mm Blade length: 1400 mm
Blade width: 12 mm
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LIDL’s Parkside Bandsaw is a small and extremely affordable benchtop bandsaw. It is probably the cheapest bandsaw available on the market right now (in Europe), and is surprisingly still quite usable.

It is actually a rebrand of a Scheppach bandsaw, but even more barebones to make it available at such a low price.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Considering the price, it's a surprisingly decent saw. But anyone doing more than basic DIY tasks should probably look for a more capable machine.

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What we don't like

  • Build quality not very good
  • Very small and not powerful
  • Don’t expect any extra features

What we like

  • The cheapest bandsaw on the market
  • Does the job for DIY and basic hobbyist woodworking
  • Easy to store due to small size


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  1. Hi, wondering what is the max width of blade the parkside 350 bandsaw can receive…. would you recommend a good ripping and a good detailing blade…is TPI a factor i should take into consideration

    Clive Oldfield
    • Hi Clive, the Parkside 350 can take maximum 12 mm wide blades (just under 1/2 inch). Tuffsaws has some great pages for picking the right blade. You can also email Ian from Tuffsaws directly for specific advice.

      TPI determines the finish quality (more TPI = better finish generally) and speed (less TPI = better fast ripping). Do note that the fastest ripping blades only work for very thick pieces of stock, due the minimum thickness required. In the link above you can see a table with the depths each TPI will be able to cut.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Hi I purchased my Saw 0317155 in January 21. I put it away until the better weather was with us, I opened it on 4/6/21 to find no instructions to assume the saw and all small parts loose within the box. I hope you can assist me by telling how many parts there should be and a copy of the manual, I do believe I have a
    2 year warranty with this item.Hoping you can advise me.

    Margaret. 75yr old pension who still does her own D.I.Y.

  3. Bought one of these for model making, I’m a relative newcomer to using power tools for wood working.
    I’m astounded at the accuracy I can achieve with this saw, I do realize it has it’s limitations but for me it’s one time the best buys I’ve ever made.

    The manual for this saw is available at
    or this link should take you directly to the manual in PDF format.

    Sean Doheny
    • Hi Sean, thanks for the link, I’ve updated the Manual link above so that it links directly to the PDF. Robbert

  4. Hi. I’ve had one of these for a year now but getting random blade breaks. As in, it could last 500 cuts or 10 before breaking. Think I’ve spent more on blades than I did on the saw now.

  5. Hi everyone. is there a way to correct the bandsaw from wandering. what I mean is that the bandsaw is not cutting strait.
    This has just started wandering.
    Thank you.

    Danny Davies.
  6. Hullo, bought a 350 last month and just assembled to try it out. It has tripped my electrics twice. Any advice please?

    Ian Howieson

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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Parkside Bandsaw

Weight (standard configuration)16.5 kg
Total height690 mm
Total width360 mm
Motor Voltage1x 230V
Band Saw
Maximum Cutting Height80 mm
Maximum Cutting Width200 mm
Table size300 x 300 mm
Band Saw blade
Blade length1400 mm
Blade width12 mm

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