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Record Power

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United Kingdom

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Jointing width: 300 mm Power: 1850 W
Max jointing depth: 3 mm Tables length: 1200 mm
Type of Cutters: 2 standard blades Fence Tilt: 90-45 °
Fence length: 800 mm
Planer width: 300 mm Power: 1850 W
Max depth of cut: 3 mm Table length: 500 mm
Max workpiece height: 165 mm Feed rate(s): 5m/min
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Machine overview

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The Record Power Former RD30 is a jointer planer made by Lurem in France, based on a design by Metabo, but sold by Record Power. Its design is based on the Metabo ADH 1630, and was also sold as the Metabo HC300 and Lurem RD30.

Detachable jointer table

Most machines of this size (300mm and wider) have tables that fold upwards. On the RD30 however, you have to remove the outfeed table to switch to planing mode. This is the same on the smaller version of this machine, the Record Power RD26.

The detachable table is secured with special locking mechanism that seems a bit more solid and secure than that found on the PT260 machines.

Power and Anti-kickback system

The machine runs on 1850 Watt (2850 in 3 phase) and has a patented anti-kickback system, which helps when you’re trying to take off too much material in one pass. It has a long fence (800 x 150mm) and the tables are quite long too (1200mm).

Replacement Blades: You can find new, resharpenable blades for the RD30 on eBay UK.

Machine Atlas Verdict

All-round solid machine, with no real weak spots. Good purchase for people looking for 300mm-sized machines

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Bit of a hassle to remove the outfeed table to convert from planing to thicknessing

What we like

  • Long jointer tables
  • Long and sturdy fence
  • Integrated stand
  • Good build quality

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  1. How do you stop planer snipe

    William Mcgowan
    • Hi William, your best bet is to adjust the tension/strength of the springs on both sides of the feed rollers, so they give even pressure.

  2. How do you parallel the outfeed and infeed table on this machine, the jointer tables on my machine are not parallel, there is about 1/8 inch in the diffrence. Is there a way to adjust both tables to become parallel which each other?


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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Record Power Former RD30 Planer Thicknesser

Motor Voltage1x 230V
Jointing width300 mm
Max depth of cut3 mm
Tables length1200 mm
Type of cutters2 standard blades
Fence length800 mm
Fence tilt90-45°
Planer Width300 mm
Max depth of cut3 mm
Table length500 mm
Max workpiece height165 mm
Feed rate(s)5m/min

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