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Power: 1500 W Max cutting height: 400 mm
Table size: 450 x 600 mm Max cutting width: 380 mm
Wheel Diameter: 400 mm Blade length: 3910 mm
Blade width: 10-30 mm
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The SCM Minimax S 400P (model MM16 in the US) band saw is the smallest of the S400 – 900p band saw series. It is sometimes also branded as the Formula S 400P instead of Minimax. Its larger brother is the SCM Minimax S 500P, which is nearly identical except for its size.

It is slightly smaller than SCM’s other entry-level band saw (the Minimax S 45n), but has more and better quality features, like a sturdier fence, blade tension control wheel, easily replaceable rubber tires. Another difference is that the S 400P has almost fully closed wheels, while the S 45N has more gaps in them (making them lighter).

The S 400P does, however, have more height capacity than the S 45n, with 400 mm vs 300 mm being the maximum height of cut.

Can be fitted with a 3600 Watt single-phase motor.

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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the SCM Minimax S 400P (MM16)

Total height1915 mm
Total width610 mm
Motor Voltage3x 400V
Motor Frequency50 or 60 Hz
Band Saw
Maximum Cutting Height400 mm
Maximum Cutting Width380 mm
Table size450 x 600 mm
Band Saw blade
Blade length3910 mm
Blade width10-30 mm

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