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SCM is a manufacturer of woodworking machines from Italy. Their Minimax range is aimed at (serious) enthusiasts, while their other lines are built mostly for professionals. They also make machines for industrial production, like CNC Centers and Edgebanding machines.

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Guide to SCM Minimax Band Saws

Type of machine

SCM Minimax CU 410 Elite

SCM Minimax CU 410 Classic

SCM Minimax CU 300 Classic

SCM Minimax C 30 Genius

SCM Minimax C 26 Genius

SCM Minimax Lab 300 Plus

SCM Formula S 900P

SCM Formula S 800P

SCM Formula S 700P

SCM Minimax S 600P

SCM Minimax S 500P

SCM Minimax S 400P (MM16)