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New Hammer CNC machine HNC 47.82 announced

By  — Last updated on March 3, 2020 9

Hammer announced their first CNC machine for home woodworkers and small-scale makers.

Hammer HNC 47.82 CNC Machine

Quality CNC for enthusiasts

Felder’s Hammer brand has announced a new type of product in their lineup: a CNC machine for home woodworkers and small-scale professional makers. This is their first CNC machine aimed at regular consumers.

The name — the Hammer HNC 47.82 — refers to the size of the work area, which is 479 by 825 millimeters. The design uses a classic moving gantry setup, with the Z-axis offering 160 millimeter movement, which is quite a lot for its size.

The bed has several t-tracks, which allow you to easily attach workpieces or spoilboards, as shown in the image below. The machine moves over linear guides, using standard spindles, but not ball screws.

The work area with integrated t-tracks

The machine can be controlled with integrated software, or with your own preferred software, so you’re not locked in with Hammer’s choice.

Pricing and availability

According to Marius Hornberger, who tested a pre-production model of this machine, the standard model will cost around €3500. This includes the controller and software license, but not the spindle. It can also be bought without the controller, at around €3000.

For the spindle, Hammer offers several options:

  • Using your own spindle with the standard mount, which fits many standard spindles, like those from Kress and Mafell
  • The standard 1000W spindle (HFM 1000), which costs around €260
  • The standard 1000W spindle with speed controls (HFM 1000 PV), which costs about €320
  • The 1000W spindle with quick tool change (see Marius Hornberger’s video on this), which also has speed controls, and costs about €600 (HFM 1000 PV-WS)
  • Finally, there will also be a version with a much more powerful 2200W air-cooled spindle (HF Spindle), which will make the total machine cost about €5100 (see image below)

The 1000W spindles can use up to 8mm bits, with smaller ones requiring a reducing ring (about €20 each). The air-cooled spindle accepts router bits from 3 up to 16mm shafts.

2200W air-cooled spindle

Update: We have confirmed the prices from Felder’s official brochure now. All prices mentioned above are approximately accurate and include a VAT of around 20%. This means the final prices maybe higher or lower for you depending on the taxes in your country. The only exception is the price mentioned for the air-cooled spindle model (€5100), which doesn’t include VAT yet.

How does it compare to existing CNC machines?

It will be interesting to see how it measures up to more affordable machines like Ooznest’s Workbee, and the X-Carve. The Hammer HNC 47.82 definitely looks more sturdy and stable, but it also costs about double the amount of the other consumer-grade machines.

Another advantage of the machine is that it is shipped fully assembled, which is possible due to its size, which was made to exactly fit a Europallet. This makes it almost a plug and play machine, with much less time spent on setting it up and aligning all the parts.

One potential minor downside is that the basic structure cannot be upgraded or enlarged, like you can with more modular systems like the Ooznest Workbee.

What do you think of this machine? Do you think it will become as popular as some other CNC machines for home woodworkers? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Will Hammer be providing a 4th Axis or is this an aftermarket product supplied elsewhere which simply has the control options within the 47-82?

    Steve Harrison
    1 person found this helpful
    • Good question. From Hammer’s own info I couldn’t find any indication that their spindles will have a 4-th axis available. However you can choose to purchase a slightly more expensive (only €30 extra) controller that has support for 4 axes. So you might be able to add an aftermarket product and the machine should be able to support it (but you’d be best off checking with Hammer about this).

  2. Would love this machine for small jobs I’m retired kitchen manufacturer never worked cnc I wonder could I learn on this machine

    Robert Mcmullan
    • Hi Robert, I think if you’re looking to starting learning CNC, this would be an excellent machine.

      It takes away most of the difficult setup part and it works with multiple types of software. So it could be an excellent starting machine.

  3. I , Jasvir Singh , 3rd generation into assembling of Indian music instruments and percussion , was waiting for such a machine , especially from FELDER.
    THANK You.

    JASVIR Singh
  4. Dear Sir/Madame, If you work alone and you have this CNC machine only and nothing else, do you need to have also a bandsaw machine to cut the wood pieces or you can cut the wood with this machine? E.g to build a table you neeed to cut parts and not just engrave it. Kind regards, Jehona

    • Hi Jehona, in theory you could do it all with this CNC machine, but it would be very inconvenient and you would be limited to small workpieces. You really need a table or band saw with it to use its full potential.

  5. Hello Hammer…could you send me the catalog of 1000W spindle with quick tool change. Is the spindle unit with variable RPM.

    Antonio Gogo

    Antonio Gogo
  6. Hi Rob. What controller codes does the HNC 47.82 use through the Edding software supplied ??

    Neil Bellamy

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