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Hammer is part of the Felder group, and is their most affordable brand. It is aimed at hobbyists with high standards and semi-professionals. Generally their machines are of a similar standard to their higher end ones, but with fewer features.

Hammer News & Guides

New Hammer N2-35 Bandsaw now available online Guide to the Hammer K3 and K4 Table and Panel Saws Guide to all Hammer A3 Jointer Planer Combos

Type of machine

Hammer N2-35 Bandsaw

Hammer C3 41 Perform

Hammer C3 41 Comfort

Hammer C3 41

Hammer C3 31 Perform

Hammer C3 31 Comfort

Hammer C3 31

Hammer B3 Perform

Hammer B3 Winner

Hammer B3 Basic

Hammer K4 Perform

Hammer K3 Winner