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Power: 1000 W Max cutting height: 235 mm
Table size: 400 x 548 mm Max cutting width: 340 mm
Wheel Diameter: 350 mm Blade length: 2630 mm
Blade width: 6-20 mm Working height: 840 mm
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The Hammer N2-35 is the newest bandsaw made by the Felder Group. It is much cheaper than the existing N3800 and N4400, making it a very interesting machine for home shops. It is already available for order, and delivery starts January 2020.

If the quality is on the same level of other Hammer machines, it will make a strong competitor for other bandsaws in this price range, like the Record Power S350.

Low price, but stand not included

The low price can be a bit deceptive though, because it doesn’t include things like blades, the stand, miter gauge, and even the power plug needs to be added. The stand increases the overall price by about 15%, and is basically box made of sheet metal bolted together as shown in this video.

It is quite small, with 350mm cast aluminium flywheels, and a maximum cutting capacity of 235mm. However, there is a definitely a market for machines of this size, proven by for example the enduring popularity of small Inca and Kity bandsaws.

With 100kgs the N2-35 is quite heavy for such a small machine, which suggests Hammer has used high quality materials. This still leads to the question what other aspects they saved costs on to result in such a large price difference with the N3800.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Great value for money.

Value for money


What we don't like

  • Price can be deceptive, because many accessories are not included in the base price
  • Unclear what Hammer has saved costs on to make it this affordable
  • New machine, so no proven track record

What we like

  • Very good price for a Hammer machine
  • Good size for home shops
  • Available directly from the Felder’s online shop
  • Heavy for such a small machine


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  1. Really interested in how good this machine will be in practice. If it lives up to the usual Hammer standards it could be a real winner in the Hobbyist market. If anyone has used this machine, please let us know what your experience was!

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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Hammer N2-35 Bandsaw

Working height840 mm
Weight (standard configuration)100 kg
Total height1310 mm
Motor Voltage1x 230V
Motor Frequency50 Hz
Extra Features and Options
Simple miter gaugeOption
Advanced miter gaugeOption
Bottom standOption
Laser for accurate line cuttingOption
Wheel bar for moving the machine (requires the optional stand)Option
Band Saw
Maximum Cutting Height235 mm
Maximum Cutting Width340 mm
Table size400 x 548 mm
Band Saw blade
Blade length2630 mm
Blade width6-20 mm

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