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New Hammer N2-35 Bandsaw now available online

By  — Last updated on December 31, 2019

Felder have released a new entry-level Hammer bandsaw, and it has a great price. Find out the details in this article.

Hammer N2-35 Bandsaw

The new entry-level bandsaw

The Felder Group has made its new bandsaw available online for purchase. The Hammer N2-35 will be the new entry-level machine in the Hammer bandsaw series. It is quite a bit smaller than the existing N3800 and N4400, but this shows in its price.

For less than €1000 (at time of publishing) for the base model, you get a lot of value for money. It has a maximum cutting height of 235mm, and its cast aluminium flywheels are 350mm.

Unlike the older bandsaws, it does not have an integrated stand. You can choose to buy a stand (adds about 15% extra to the price), to which the usual Hammer lifting arm can be attached, or make your own table.

The standard model is quite barebones and misses bandsaw blades, a power plug, and miter gauge. Take into account that these will all add quite a bit to the overall price. Additionally you can also add a laser guide, which helps with cutting straight.

Hammer N2-35 Bandsaw

Hammer N2-35 Bandsaw

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Band Saw

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Available online directly

One major difference with its larger brothers is that the N2-35 is available online in the Felder Shop. This means you can simply order it online without going through the distributor in person. It seems Felder is moving more and more to direct online sales, which seems logical in today’s market, especially for more affordable machines that don’t need much customization.

The Hammer N2-35 is currently in production, but can be ordered already, with delivery starting from the 15th of January, 2020.

Great price, but how do they do it?

The N2-35 seems like a great machine with a good value proposition — Hammer quality for the home shop at an affordable price. That begs the question of how they are able to deliver at such a low price.

Where have they reduced costs? It is unlikely that such a big cost saving can be attained just by the reduced size. The likely answer is that more parts have been sourced outside Austria, but we don’t know for sure. The similarities with other machines are quite big, which may suggest Hammer has not fully developed this machine in-house.

Whatever the answer is, if it goes through Hammer’s usual quality control and results in Hammer quality being delivered, it should still prove to be an excellent product. We look forward to the first user reports.

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