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DeWalt DWE7491 vs DWE7492 Table Saw: What are the differences?

By  — Last updated on September 14, 2020 36

What’s changed with DeWalt’s new DWE7492 table saw? We compare it with the original DWE7491.

DeWalt DW7491 vs DW7492 Table Saw Comparison Differences Featured Image

Confusing product names

Product names can be confusing sometimes. Companies come up with all kinds of complex codes that make it difficult for consumers to figure out which product they are looking at. The DeWalt table saws are such a case.

DeWalt used to sell the DWE7491 (which is already a complex name), and now it also sells the DWE7492. It may seem simple, the DWE7492 is the successor, since it has a higher number.

This is indeed correct, however, DeWalt still sells the ‘old’ DWE7491 in North America, while in Europe, that is no longer available. There you can only buy the DWE7492.

What then, are the differences between these two machines? What did DeWalt improve in the new version?

The Difference between the DWE7491 and DWE7492

The answer is: very little. The DWE7491 and DWE7492 are almost identical. The new DWE7492 is 100 grams lighter and about 1 dB quieter, both of which are completely unnoticeable to any normal user.

The old DW7491 does have a slightly deeper table, which you can see from the images below. A 20mm wide part is bolted on at the back of the machine. This helps support workpieces slightly better as they move past the riving knife, but it’s unlikely to make a big difference.

New feet for more stability

The DWE7492 also has different feet (see image below), which stretch out to the side. This makes the saw slightly more stable and less likely to tip over. The original DWE7491 feet design was maybe slightly more sturdy and resistant against bumps.

DWE7491 vs DWE7492 Feet Comparison
The difference between the feet of the DWE7491 and DWE7492

Improved Blade Guard

The only difference that is actually good and useful is the two-leaf blade guard. This means the blade guard consist of two pieces (called leaves) instead of one. Instead of the entire blade guard being pushed up as a workpiece passed under it, only the part that comes in contact with the wood gets pushed up.

DeWalt DW7492 Improved Blade Guard

This helps when you cut thin strips of wood, because it will keep the side of the blade protected. With the original DWE7491 blade guard, this would become exposed, making it easier to touch it with your hand.

On the American DWE7491: The DWE7491 that is still being sold in the US actually has the improved blade guard as well, making it pretty much the same machine as the European DWE7492.

106 dB of noise, 26.6 kg heavy
105 dB of noise, 26.5 kg heavy
Round feet (more bump-resistant when moving)
Extended feet (more stability)
Blade Guard
Single-piece blade guard
Safer two-leaf blade guard
Table depth
670 mm
650 mm

So, to conclude, the DWE7492 is for 99% the same machine as the DWE7491. The only noticeable improvement is the new two-leaf blade guard, which is only a minor upgrade, but any improvement in safety is a welcome one.

Tip: I’ve also recommended these saws in the 2020 table saw buyer’s guide in the under $800 category.

We hope you found this comparison useful. If you have any comments, or actually found any differences between the two saws that we forgot to mention, let us know in the comments below!


  1. Does the 7492 take a dado blade like the 7491 does?

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    • Hi Ian, I can’t tell you for sure, but I would be surprised if they changed the length of the shaft from the 7491 to the 7492. Internally they are exactly the same as far as I’m aware, so it should still be able to take a dado stack.

      If you could see one in person, you could check it yourself by measuring the length of the arbor/shaft.

  2. One thing you missed. The tables are different dimensions. The 7491 has that extra piece bolted on after the blade for outfeed.

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    • Great observation Adam, thanks for the tip! I’ll add it to the article.

  3. $850 (£650 ish) Vs £2085
    What the hell??

    Joe Bloggs
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    • Yea, apparently UK Tool Centre sells it for that amount currently… Not sure who will ever buy it for that price haha.

  4. Hi Rob, I chatted to DeWalt UK on the phone yesterday as I’m having a warranty exchange and they said the new model is a smaller table. Judging from photos it looks like the add on piece is missing. I have a 7491 here and that piece is 72mm. Next week I will hopefully receive my 7492 and can physically measure it.

    In reality that add on piece has been a problem as it never lined up with the mitre slots and caused the mitre gauge to get stuck at the end. I had to sand the slot edge down a bit to get it through.

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  5. It’s all ok now. My new dwe7492 arrived yesterday. Very similar machine. Slightly smaller table top size as mentioned above. Mitre gauge all metal. Fence assembly has some extra steel brackets where it mounts to the aluminium fence piece. The bolts that hold the fence to the sliding rails have bigger washers so maybe a stronger hold.

    1 person found this helpful
    • Great to hear! Hope you don’t run into any more issues with the new machine.

  6. 254 mm blade does not fit, it hits a bolt of the blade guard support

    • Yeah, it doesn’t fit. See my post below.
      What I did was to get an angle grinder and shave off about 3 milimiters from the metal block that supports the riving knife. It’s a pain to remove it but it worked. Now I can use the Dewalt Blade I’ve bought.

  7. I’d like to find out the same thing. Did you ever try a stack on the 7492 Ian?

  8. Hello
    Since the 7492 does not allow a dado blade I was wondering if I could use a finger joint blade on it.
    Can anybody measure the length of the arbor.
    Forrest are making a (quite expensive) finger joint 8” blade with a 30 mm bore.

    • You can use a dado stack, you just have to change out the throat plate which you can purchase on

      James Tanner
  9. Hello. And yet did anyone know if dwe7492 holds a dado blade? thanks

    Gencho Vasilev
    • Hi,

      I found a video on YT called ”Verstellnuter für Dewalt 7492 /Dado blades for Dewalt 7492”. Unfortunately, atleast for me, it is in German and there is no translation. He used a dado stack from Freud – SD506. As far as I can see, the dado stack is more on the thread than on the shaft.

    • Seems that you can have a dado blade on the 7492. However, for practical and safety reasons it can be max 18mm thick. Recommended max diameter 8″.

  10. I havent read all the comments but I was sure one of the main difference between the 7491 and 7492 is the arbor lenght as dado blades cant be bought and are not ”allowed” to be sold in many european countries due to the safety risk. Therefore the 7492 has a shorter arbor lenght and wont hold dado blades. Let me know if I got this wrong.

  11. Hi guys!

    Can you please tell me if the stand DeWALT DWE74912-XJ is compatible with the DWE7492 model?

  12. The one difference that was not mentioned is that the 7492 comes with a blade brake while the 7491 does not have the blade brake. Also both 7491 and 7492 do not have soft start.

  13. I have seen there is a anti kickback solution for the 7491, is there anything compatible for the 7492 or can i use the solution from the 7491 ?

    Jari Schütz
  14. Hi, does 7492 can accept 10” dia blade? As per the manual it accept only 250mm dia blade. How true is this? 10” is 254mm and the 4mm difference is crucial to the performance or really dont fit.

    • Mario, you mentioned that you can adjust clamp to make it fit:
      Have you actually done that? I am choosing a blade right now and willing to purchase 254mm one as there’s much more to choose from.

    • I’ve bought a DEWALT blade DWA03130 (80 tooth) for my newly bought 7492 and IT DOESN’T FIT. It scraps on the riving knife clamp and there’s not ajustment possible in this direction (longitudinal). And it’s an original DeWalt blade

    • On my DW7492 there was small interference of the 254mm blade with raving knife clamp. You can adjust clamp to make it fit.

  15. Hi. I’m just wondering if it can take a blade with a 5/8 arbor hole? I checked and the arbor size is 5/8 but the manual says use blades with a 30mm bore, but the current 30mm blade comes with a flange for it to fit the arbor.

    Jaime Araneta
    • Hi Jaime, I think it depends in which country you are. I’m not 100% sure but I think the (North) American version has a different arbor size than the European one, so it might very well actually be 5/8″ instead of 30mm.

  16. Hi Rob. The dwe7492 never arrived and when I asked DeWalt UK they said it is now out of stock until August! This was after they sent my repaired 7491 back to me all smashed to pieces in transit. So now I have no table saw at all!

    • Hi Adam, that’s very unfortunate! Hope they do repay you or send you a new machine (hopefully soon as well)!

  17. this London retailer has more detailed UK specs

    Power Input 2000 Watts
    Power Output 970 Watt
    Blade Speed 4800 rpm
    Blade Diameter 250 mm
    Blade Bore 30 mm
    Bevel Capacity -3 to 48 °
    Max. Ripping Capacity [right] 825 mm
    Max. Ripping Capacity [left] 558 mm
    Max. Depth of Cut at 90º 77 mm
    Max. Depth of Cut at 45º 55 mm
    **Table Size 556×669 mm**
    Weight 26.6 kg
    Depth 680 mm
    Length 650 mm
    Height 330 mm

    Feel free to delete these comments if they are messing up your article.


    • Hi Adam, if you have the chance, can you please check if this 7492 accept a 10” dia blade. Reference to your post, blade dia is 250mm. Take note that 10” is bigger by 4mm.

    • Thanks again Adam, curious to hear what you’ll measure next week. Would be great if you could post it here as well. Still a bit odd that they added a bolted on piece in the first place, and that they didn’t just include the extra space on the new model in the full table.

  18. Dwe7491 The part bolted to the outfeed side is 72mm deep front to back. Not 20mm. Overall table 630mm front to back. 670 wide. It’s a shame they took it off for the new model. It is helpful to have an extra bit of outfeed.

    Dwe7492 table depth is 558mm though I haven’t got one in front of me to check.

    • Are you sure? I haven’t got them either to check in person, but from the official specs the 7491 has a table of 630 x 670, while the 7492 has tables of 650 x 680.

      I can find 558 mm, but that’s listed as the rip capacity on the left of the blade.

      However, if I look at the current American DWE7491, it does have it listed as 558 depth, and it is missing the bolted on piece, just like the DWE7492.

      Confusing to say the least.

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