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  • Makita 2040 Planer
  • Makita 2040 Planer with Stand
  • Makita 2040 Planer Front View
  • Makita 2040 Planer Specs
Planer width: 396 mm
Max depth of cut: 1 mm Table length: 600 mm
Max workpiece height: 195 mm Feed rate(s): 9m/min
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Machine overview

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The Makita 2040 was an industrial-grade planer made in Japan in the 1980s and early 1990s. It cost about $2000 new. It is made mostly of cast iron and is very sturdy. Makita also made a smaller version that included a jointer, called the Makita 2030.

The planer can only be switched on once a safety key is inserted. It uses two standard blades which are calibrated by adjusted hex bolts underneath, as is common on machines from this era.

Motor Design

One design difference of the Makita with many other floor planers is that the universal motor is all the way in the base, driving the arbor with a belt. On many other planers the motor is often integrated in the arbor section, making the top much larger and heavier.

Optional Features

As optional features there was a small stand, and there was an extra sprocket set to allow for a slower feed speed (the standard feed is relatively quick, so may not give the best results on difficult boards).

Feed Roller Issue

One common problem seems to be that the polyurethane or rubber on the feed rollers dries out or disintegrates (normal after such a long time). It can be quite costly to have this replaced, so take that into account when purchasing a used machine.

Replacement Blades: If you’re looking for new blades for the Makita 2040, you can get some original ones from eReplacementParts but they are very expensive. Some more affordable ones by Freud can be found on Amazon here.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Great machine if you can find it for a good price and in good condition.



What we don't like

  • Replacement parts can be hard to find and/or expensive
  • Universal motors are loud

What we like

  • Heavy cast-iron machine
  • Great build quality
  • Wide planing width
  • Not very big for its capacity

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Ask questions or share your experiences with the Makita 2040 Planer with others

  1. I have had my 2040 planer for 35 years. I am a retired shipwright and furnituremaker. This machine is unsurpassed in quality,durability and precision. I did replace the rollers about 10 years ago but thats it. I love this thing.

    Lew Ackerman
    1 person found this helpful
  2. I am looking for a good used field for a makita 2040 planer. My email is The machine is awesome, but I can not find a field. Really all I need is a tiny copper spring on the back of the field. Two wires come off the side with what looks like two little circles. Those are the springs.

    Jim marshall
    1 person found this helpful
  3. Where can i find a drive belt

    Edward Hugh Davis
    • Did you find the drive belt you were looking for? I need the same and I can’t find any.

      Francois Coulombe
    • The only drive belt specifically for the 2040 I could find is sold by an Australian seller on eBay. They do sell internationally though, so it might be an option.

  4. can’t find anything about what size motor the 2040 has .. can anyone help with the answer … does this machine work well on hardwoods ? my dewalt has a very hard time doing a good job on the hardwoods I am now working with red oak and hickory ..

    • Hi Ken, I’m not sure how much power the motor has, I found one source mentioning 1400 Watt, but not sure how accurate that is. But from what I’ve read about this planer, I’d say it will do hardwoods just fine. Seems like a really sturdy and powerful planer. Maybe you can try a few test pieces before you are going to buy it?


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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Makita 2040 Planer

Weight (standard configuration)115 kg
Total height715 mm
Total width570 mm
Motor Voltage1x 230V 1x 115V
Extra Features and Options
Metal standOption
Slower speed sprocketsOption
Planer Width396 mm
Max depth of cut1 mm
Table length600 mm
Max workpiece height195 mm
Feed rate(s)9m/min

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