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Jointing width: 260 mm Power: 2500 W
Max jointing depth: 3 mm Tables length: 1040 mm
Type of Cutters: 2 standard or replaceable knives Fence Tilt: 90-45 °
Working height: 820 mm
Planer width: 250 mm Power: 2500 W
Max depth of cut: 5 mm Table length: 430 mm
Max workpiece height: 140 mm Feed rate(s): 5m/min
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The Scheppach HMS 260 jointer planer is the smallest of the HMS series. In contrast to the larger versions (HMS 3200 and HMS 4000), it does not come with an integrated stand. It is however the only one with a possible table extension.

The tables are made from sheet metal, and not cast iron or cast aluminium, making them more prone to dents and bending, as well as rust. The feed rollers for the planer have a rubber coating, which tends to degrade over time, requiring a relatively costly replacement.

Another difference with the HMS 3200 and HMS 4000 is that one half of the tables needs to be completely removed to switch from jointing to planing mode.

This machine was still produced in Germany in the early 90s, before they started producing mostly in China. It was succeeded by the HMS 260 ci, which had cast iron tables.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Sheet steel tables
  • Degrading feed rollers
  • Stand not integrated

What we like

  • Sturdy
  • Common on the second-hand market
  • Still made in Germany

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  1. My machine was made in Germany in 2002 they were made there until 2003.

    Anthony Pea
    1 person found this helpful
    • Interesting, are you sure it isn’t the HMS 260 CI (with cast iron) tables that you have? If not I’ll need to update the info.

    • My machine has a steel top. Date on plate is 2002 says made in Germany. Still working. Fortunately it’s previous owner did not know to clean Dust from the switch and thought it was not working.

      Anthony Pea
  2. The rollers on my machine in 2020 are still ok.

    Ant Pea
    1 person found this helpful
  3. Scheppach HMS 260 No. 4369 Year of prod. 1990
    Hello! Do you know the exact size and type of drive belt? I know it is approximately 9mm wide and approximately 350mm total length. Please let me know and thank you in advance

    1 person found this helpful
  4. Could you please advise whether you can supply a spare part, no 7500 4000, for a HMS260CI planer thicknesser and if so at what price.

    If you cannot supply this could you please advise another suppler who may

    1 person found this helpful
    • Hi Frederick, that’s a very specific part where you’ll need to find an original piece. It is listed by Scheppach as selling for about €60, but that’s an old list, so I don’t know if they have this item in stock anymore.

      Your best chance is to simply contact Scheppach (UK or Germany) directly. Alternatively you might be able to find someone selling a machine for parts on the second hand market.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Hi, any idea where I could get the extractor hood for this? Picked the machine up but didn’t include one.


    1 person found this helpful
    • Hi Bod, I’ve only been able to find it on one German website (link here). They don’t mention specifically that it fits the HMS 260, but it might very well fit. If you contact the shop they might be able to help you further.

      Hope that helps!

  6. Hi! Planers are not frequently on the market in norway. Ive got a chance to buy one for about 450 euro with dust extractor. It looks pretty much unused. Which results can I expect planing? How does it compare with a new benchtop model from dewalt/ makita? Question is wich I should choose🤔
    Thx for any advice.

    • Hi Anders, €450 is a very fair price for a good model including dust extractor. Won’t find much better than that second hand. I think with a sharp blade you can get equal or even better results than the benchtop models from DeWalt and Makita.

      The only thing you should check is if the jointer tables are still flat. Due to the sheet metal they have a slightly bigger chance of deforming/rusting than cast iron ones.

      Hope that helps!

  7. Where can I find instructions for reducing the thicknessing to 5mm? I can’t adjust it this far. Does something have to be removed? Grateful for any help.

    • Pete I was making some very thin slats out of yew for making a lute. What I did was to pass the thin wood on top of some plywood using the plywood as a carrier. I also dis this when thinning some spruce for some broken guitars that had been trodden on.
      Every now and again it would catch and the veneer would get mangled, but I did it successfully multiple times and also made edge banding and veneers for marquetry.

      Graham Monaghan
    • Sorry dis should read did.
      I would add make sure the table is polished with some furniture wax (or some commercial product) to make the table slippy.

      Graham Monaghan
  8. My HMS 260 from 2001 is still going great in 2023 and I have put a lot of wood the the thicknesser over the past five years. I just had to replace the flat drive belt for the feed rollers which was NZD $99… but which I was delighted to find in stock at the New Zealand distributor(Jacks). The rollers are in excellent condition as is the rest of the machine.

  9. My Feed Rollers are still OK 2021,
    I would add to the Bad parts is the setup for the Table alignment which is a real pain.
    also no mention of oiling the ends of the rubber feed rollers which are in a solid bearing material, nor greasing the needle rollers in the manual.
    Did a little refurb last year
    all the Belts are available in the UK though expensive and was able to get bearings easily. ebay has them, thin one model is 0501 2111 £29
    The best bit of the Planer is the thicknesser it’s just superb Max 125mm ish thickness and able to make some veneers 2mm.

    Graham Monaghan
  10. Hi, anyone know where I can get the extractor part from?


    Stephen b
  11. Hi, I’ve recently purchased a Scheppach HMS 260 but it’s missing the entire gearbox for the feed rollers. Is there anywhere I can purchase a new or second hand unit?

    I’ve looked nearly everywhere but can not find what I’m after, if you could point me in the right direction it would be a huge help.


    • It’s the entire assembly. I’ll have a look for a cheap one to salvage parts off of. If push comes to shove I’ll just use it as a jointer and buy a separate thicknesser. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Blake, not entirely sure the extent of the parts that you’re missing. Is it one gear or the entire system? If it’s everything together, I’d imagine your best bet is finding a broken HMS 260 and salvaging it for parts.

      If you need just two parts or so, you could look on eBay Germany, where there are some sellers with gears for the old Scheppach machines. You’d have to double check with the seller whether it will fit the HMS 260 specifically. The drive belt for the feed rollers is sold by this German site.

      Hope that helps!


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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Scheppach HMS 260 Jointer Planer

Working height820 mm
Weight (standard configuration)80 kg
Total height570 mm
Total width770 mm
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Motor Frequency50 Hz
Extra Features and Options
Metal standOption
Wheel/transport setOption
Table extensionOption
Jointing width260 mm
Max depth of cut3 mm
Tables length1040 mm
Type of cutters2 standard or replaceable knives
Fence tilt90-45°
Planer Width250 mm
Max depth of cut5 mm
Table length430 mm
Max workpiece height140 mm
Feed rate(s)5m/min

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