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  • Scheppach HMS850 Jointer Planer
  • Scheppach HMS850 Jointer Planer 2
Jointing width: 204 mm Power: 1500 W
Max jointing depth: 2 mm Tables length: 740 mm
Type of Cutters: 2 HSS blades Fence Tilt: 90-45 °
Planer width: 204 mm Power: 1500 W
Max depth of cut: 2 mm Table length: 270 mm
Max workpiece height: 126 mm
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Machine overview

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The Scheppach HMS850 is a small benchtop jointer planer, based on the same design used for similar machines sold by other brands. For example, the Einhell TC-SP 204 and Jet JJP-8BT are almost the same, and possibly made in the same factory in China.

Fixed Tables

One difference with larger jointer planers is that the jointer tables don’t need to be removed to switch to thickness planing mode. This is because the jointer tables are short enough to access the planer without removing them.

Because the jointer and planer tables are so short, it can be hard to avoid snipe on longer workpieces. This makes the HMS850 more suited for small work, or cases where some precision is not essential.


The biggest downside of this jointer planer is that it is hard to calibrate. You basically need to get lucky that the tables are flat enough to start with, or otherwise you will never be able to compensate for it.

For its size, it is quite powerful with a 2 horsepower motor. The Scheppach HMS 1080 is the larger version of this jointer planer.

Updated version: There is also a slightly newer version, called the Scheppach HMS860. From what we could see there are no significant differences, except possibly the style of the on-off switch.

Replacement Blades: If you’re looking for some replacement blades for the HMS850, you can find them here on Amazon or on eBay.

Machine Atlas Verdict

IF you get a good model, it can be good value for money and a solid machine for beginners.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Lottery whether you get a good model or not
  • Can’t be finely adjusted
  • Build quality not very good
  • Limited size, hard to avoid snipe

What we like

  • Can actually deliver decent results if you get one that is calibrated correctly
  • Quite powerful for such a small machine
  • Very affordable


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  1. I have recently purchased A HMS 850 , but it shall not operate when I press the switch on button. I was not issued with a user manual, purchased from Lidlil based in Downpatrick Co. Down N Ireland on 3 April 2021

    Francis B Kennedy
    • Hi Francis, sorry to hear your machine isn’t working. Since it’s brand new, I think the best solution is to return it to Lidl to get a replacement model.

      You can find the manual here by the way.

  2. Where are these jointer/planets made? One designed in USA the other in Germany. What consumers want to know is where are the built. Trying not to buy from communists

    Louis Mindes
    • Hi Louis, good question. The reason I use the term ‘designed’ is that some brands make products in several countries, and because it is not always known where they made. Almost all Scheppach machines come from China/Taiwan nowadays, although I think they do some small part of assembly in Germany.

      In general, almost all ‘affordable’ woodworking machinery is now made in China and Taiwan, and even brands like SCM and Hammer/Felder have outsourced certain parts. If you only want to avoid China-made machines, you’ll have to do some research and check if a specific machine might be made in Taiwan instead, as that would solve your problem. If you only want to buy genuinely made in Europe/USA, you’ll only find that on professional grade machines (even though for example Altendorf has completely moved production to China too, so it’s no guarantee).

      Hope that helps!


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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Scheppach HMS850 Jointer Planer

Weight (standard configuration)27 kg
Total height460 mm
Total width425 mm
Motor Voltage1x 230V
Jointing width204 mm
Max depth of cut2 mm
Tables length740 mm
Type of cutters2 HSS blades
Fence tilt90-45°
Planer Width204 mm
Max depth of cut2 mm
Table length270 mm
Max workpiece height126 mm

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