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Jointing width: 410 mm Power: 4000 W
Max jointing depth: 4 mm Tables length: 1800 mm
Type of Cutters: 3 self-adjusting blades or Silent Power Fence Tilt: 90-45 °
Fence length: 1100 mm
Planer width: 406 mm Power: 4000 W
Max depth of cut: 4 mm Table length: 600 mm
Max workpiece height: 225 mm Feed rate(s): 6m/min
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Machine overview

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The Hammer A3 41 jointer planer is the largest machine from the Hammer A3 series. It is the larger version of the Hammer A3 31. It is about 40-45% more expensive than the A3 31, making it only worthwhile to upgrade if you really need the extra capacity.

There are also two machines which separate the jointer and planer functions: The Hammer A3 41A, which is purely a jointer, and the Hammer A3 41D, which is the same machine, but only a planer. These machine are great for people who prefer separate machines, but together they are about 40-50% more expensive than the A3 41 alone.

Spiral Cutterhead

In its base form it comes with a 3-knife, quick-change, self-adjusting cutter block. This can be upgrade to a so-called ‘Silent-Power’ cutter block, which has spiral cutters and is — as the name suggests — much quieter. In this video you can see the difference in sound it makes.

The Silent-Power block has spiral cutters, which is actually 62 small blades lined up in a spiral form. These blades have four sharp sides, meaning you can simply unscrew them, turn them around 90 degrees and use the next sharp edge. Another benefit of this is that when you nick the blade, you don’t have to resharpen the entire blade, just turn around one small one.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Not cheap, significantly more expensive than the A3 31
  • On the large side for a small workshop

What we like

  • Great build quality
  • Large capacity
  • Still relatively affordable for a machine of this quality and size
  • Spiral cutters upgrade is excellent


Ask questions or share your experiences with the Hammer A3 41 Jointer Planer with others

  1. I have a piece of oak stuck in my A3-41 planer. It would have been my first pass.

    David L Marrier
  2. How do I remove the piece of wood. It will not go through.

    David L Marrier
    • Hi David, are you unable to lower the planer table at all? It could be that you tried to take too large a shaving, or that the planer table was not smooth. If the planer table cannot move down at all with the piece of wood in there, your best bet would be to contact Felder.

  3. Hi Rob, my A41 has a dip in the center of the in and out table ie 1 mm or more variation how do I best lift the ends of each table a bit to get this flat right across, the machine is a few years old but not used commercially could be set up by the importer was not 100% originally?

    Tom Muir

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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Hammer A3 41 Jointer Planer

Weight (standard configuration)400 kg
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Extra Features and Options
Emergency switchOption
Rolling carriage without lifting bar Option
Lifting barOption
Jointing width410 mm
Max depth of cut4 mm
Tables length1800 mm
Type of cutters3 self-adjusting blades or Silent Power
Fence length1100 mm
Fence tilt90-45°
Planer Width406 mm
Max depth of cut4 mm
Table length600 mm
Max workpiece height225 mm
Feed rate(s)6m/min

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