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Atlas Bench Dog

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  • STL files for 3D printing
  • Bench dog for 19 mm (3/4") and 20 mm (Festool) holes
  • Hole for 🔩 M6 bolts, hex inlay prevents turning
  • Can be used with the Atlas Planing Stop
  • Screw on work lights or clamps anywhere on your workbench
Bench Dog Featured Image

3D Printed Bench Dogs

These are the basic bench dogs I have designed for what I call the ‘Atlas System’ of bench dogs. What makes them special is that they are more versatile than regular bench dogs. They have a hole for a threaded bolt, which allows you to screw anything with a M6 thread on top.

The Hexagonal Shape prevents the bolt from turning.

Space for a 🔩 Threaded Bolt

For example, you can use the bench dog as a base for a clamp that you would normally use in a t-track or other jig. This essentially converts those clamps into holdfast.

For optimal clamping power, use the dogs from underneath the workbench.

One dog used as a clamp, another dog as a regular bench dog.

Another potential use is to screw a work light on the bench dog, for better lighting anywhere on your work bench.

And there are probably more possibilities I haven’t thought of yet (do let me know if you find some good use cases!).

These bench dogs can also be used as part of the Atlas Planing Stop I designed. 

Planing Stop

These bench dogs can also be used as part of the Atlas Planing Stop I designed.

Cap for Use as Regular Bench Dogs

To use them as regular bench dogs, simply clip on the cap. One major advantage for hand tool woodworkers is that plastic can be chipped by your plane without damaging the blade. Metal bench dogs are longer lasting, but I’m always hesitant to use them when planing for fear of damaging the blade.

Free 3D printable Bench Dog
The cap simply slides on and off.

What is in the download file?

The downloadable file includes both a 19 mm (3/4″) and 20 mm version of the dogs. It also includes a STEP file so you can make adjustments if you use slightly different size holes or bolts.


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