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Blade Diameter: 315 mm Power: 2300 W
Max cutting height: 85 mm
Blade Tilt: 90-45°
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The Metabo TK 1685 table saw is a medium-sized machine from the Magnum series. The Magnum machines are generally considered some of the best stationary machines made by Metabo and are quite sought after on the second-hand market.

Differences with other Metabo Saws

The Metabo TK 1685 is the larger brother of the TK 1256, and some of the parts are exchangeable. The TK 1685 was succeeded in the late 1980s/early 1990s by the TK 1688, which is mostly the same with some finetuning and improvements.

Not all parts are the same, so take care when comparing parts from the TK 1256, TK 1685, and TK 1688. For example, the mitre slot of the TK 1685 and TK 1688 are not the same.

Optional Features

There are several optional features available, among which a metal stand and a cabinet stand with drawers. There also is a sliding table, and table extensions (width and length-wise).

Other special features are a mortising chuck and table, and a vertical spindle moulder block. This means it cannot be used like a normal (horizontal) spindle moulder/shaper, but only to cut dados and grooves. Rarely seen on other machines.

Prices can vary wildly depending on the number of extra options present.

Machine Atlas Verdict

Good machine from the Metabo Magnum series. Can be expensive on the second-hand market.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Misses some improvements that were implemented in the TK 1688
  • Less common than its siblings, and not all parts are interchangeable
  • Spindle moulder option can be dangerous

What we like

  • Solid quality from the respected Metabo Magnum series
  • Sliding table and extensions available
  • Mortising table

Resources and Guides

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Ask questions or share your experiences with the Metabo TK 1685 with others

  1. Je ne veux pas laisser à l’abondant ma scie Mtbo tk 1685. Quel site je pourrais trouver des pièces détachées de tk 1685?

  2. I just bought a used Metabo Tk 1685 which was apparently manufactured in 1984. It seems to be in good condition, but has no operating manual (nor have I found one online as yet). My key question has to do with the red button / green button power button arrangement. I have to apply continuous pressure to the green button to keep the power turned on – which is awkward (and seems dangerous). Am I missing something (and is there a way to keep the power turned on hands free)?

    Bob Hetzel
  3. I may have found a clue to my previously posted question regarding the Metabo Tk 1685 on/off switch arrangement. Though I have not had luck finding the operating instructions for my exact model (table saw), I did find some for a similar saw. Apparently there may be an “undervoltage trip relay” involved. My (outbuilding) workspace requires a long (three prong, grounded) extension cord. My guess is that the resulting reduction in voltage may be tripping the relay.

    Bob Hetzel

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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Metabo TK 1685

Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Motor Frequency50 Hz
Extra Features and Options
Sliding tableOption
Groove cutter blockOption
Table extensions (width and length)Option
Metal standOption
Cabinet stand (with drawers)Option
Table Saw
Maximum Cutting Height85 mm
Saw blade
Saw Blade Diameter315 mm

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