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Blade Diameter: 250 mm Power: 2100 W
Max cutting height: 83 mm Max ripping width: 330 mm
Sliding Table Length: 920 mm
Blade Tilt: -1.5 - 46.5 °
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The Metabo TKU 1693 panel saw is a medium-sized machine which was part of the well-known Magnum series. It is the successor of the TK 1688, and has a more sophisticated and stable sliding table. In comparison to its predecessor and sibling (the TK 1256), it is a proper panel saw, and not a table saw with a sliding table.

In addition to the sliding table (a long and shorter version), a scoring knife and table extensions (length and width) are available. The TK 1693 misses some of the unique features (groove cutter head, mortising table) of the 1688, but most people won’t miss those on a panel saw.

This is one of the only panel saws which has a pull-push saw system, which nowadays is most well known on machines like the Mafell Erika and Festool Precisio.

Same machine, different name

The TK 1693 was also sold as the Metabo PKU 250, Lurem DEL18, and Emco Max after Metabo took over both the Austrian manufacturer Emco and the French company Lurem. The Elektra Beckum PK 255 V8 is also extremely similar.

Replacement Saw Blades:  The TKU 1693 accepts up to 250mm diameter blades and has a 30mm arbor. You can browse some blades that will fit the TKU 1693 and have good reviews on Amazon Germany or Amazon UK.

Value for money




What we don't like

  • Often expensive on the second-hand market
  • Misses some features of the TK 1688

What we like

  • Full sized panel saw with a sophisticated sliding table
  • From the quality Magnum series
  • Pull-push system for accurate cross-cuts

Resources and Guides

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  1. This video about the Metabo TKU 1693D is even better in quality (let’s guess it’s newer), and longer (more detailed).


    1 person found this helpful
    • Hello.
      We have this panel Saw here… I can do a video and show whatever part of the machine you like. Also, I can answer to any question about this machine.

      Craft and Croissant
  2. I want to buy a Metabo TKU 1633 bt cant find the machine on inter altough I see spare parts and have a fot of the machine with exact the type etc. Is there an explenation for this?

    Ron Jung
    • They can be found on eBay Kleinanzeige in Germany. Got mine for €1400.

      J thene
  3. Hi
    there is a sound coming from the blade shaft I think the bearing needs to be replaced and I don’t know how
    I appreciate if some one can answer me.

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Detailed Specifications

All the specs and options for the Metabo TKU 1693

Weight (standard configuration)86 kg
Motor Voltage3x 400V 1x 230V
Motor Frequency50 Hz
Extra Features and Options
Sliding tables (small and large)Option
Table extensions (width and length)Option
Longer crosscut fenceOption
Scoring bladeOption
Panel Saw
Maximum Ripping Width330 mm
Sliding Table Length920 mm
Saw blade
Saw Blade Diameter250 mm
Saw Blade RPM4400
Maximum Cutting Height83 mm
Tilt-1.5 - 46.5°

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