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Startrite INCA brochures (downloadable)

By  — Last updated on August 20, 2021

Browse high quality copies of Startrite INCA stand and machine combination brochures.

Startrite INCA Brochures - Featured Image

Startrite was a British manufacturer of woodworking machines. They not only used to make their own machines, but also designed and produced special stands for brands like INCA, Robland, and SCM.

These metal stands had a very recognizable design and still fetch quite a premium on the second hand market. Some of the nicest and most well-preserved INCA saws I’ve seen were sold in combination with these Startrite stands.

Thanks to @Trevanion (check out his Instagram for many interesting vintage tools, brochures, and books) I got a hold of a set of scans of original Startrite brochures, including ones for their INCA stands.

I’ve listed all of them below. You can also download each individual brochure as a PDF. Thanks again to Trevanion for scanning all these brochures in high quality.

Startrite INCA planers and thicknessers

This was the Startrite series of stands for individual INCA planers and planer thicknessers. The AF132 series was for the INCA jointer 343.132, the AF 190 was for the INCA Automatic 343.190 jointer planer (or planer thicknesser in the UK), while the AF 185 was for the INCA jointer 343.132 with rebating ledge.

Download the full brochure PDF.

Startrite INCA table saw and multi-machine

This series was a complete package of the INCA Universal table saw, a Startrite metal stand, and all the accessories that could be added to the INCA Universal, like a mortising table and sanding station.

Download the full brochure PDF.

Startrite INCA mini-joiner (table saw and jointer)

The mini-joiner is the smaller brother of the maxi-joiner series. Both series were a combination of an INCA table saw and jointer or jointer planer. The Mini-joiner used the INCA Universal table saw and the INCA 343.132 Jointer.

Download the full brochure PDF.

Startrite INCA maxi-joiner (table saw and jointer/planer)

Just like the mini-joiner, the maxi-joiner was a combination of two machines on one large Startrite stand. It used the INCA Major table saw and INCA Automatic 343.190 Jointer Planer (Planer/Thicknesser). This is a nice combination that would still be an excellent setup for hobbyist woodworkers today.

Download the full brochure PDF.

Startrite INCA Bandsaws

The final INCA brochure in the Startrite set is a small one, for the INCA Euro 260 bandsaw. It lists three options, one without a motor at all, then a version with motor, and finally a combination with an all-metal Startrite stand.

Download the full brochure PDF.

There’s many more Startrite brochures in the collection I received from Trevanion, which I’ll hopefully be uploading soon. If you have any useful information about these Startrite INCA’s (maybe you own one), let me know. Always happy to add more info to this article.


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