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Woodworking machine which combines multiple functions. What makes them attractive is the lower footprint and price, but they do require some more time in use due to setup time if you want to use a different function.

Combination Machine News and Guides

Guide to JET Jointer Planer combos – Helical head for hobbyists

Aimed at

DeWalt DW50 Jointer Planer

JET JPT 410 Jointer Planer

JET JPT 260 Jointer Planer

JET JJP-12 and JPT 310

SCM Minimax CU 410 Elite

SCM Minimax CU 410 Classic

SCM Minimax CU 300 Classic

SCM Minimax C 30 Genius

SCM Minimax C 26 Genius

SCM Minimax Lab 300 Plus

SCM Minimax ST 4 Elite

SCM Minimax ST 3 Classic